Is there an ultimate solution ?

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Few years back I was faced with a dilemma. I did not know which way to go. I was just pondering on the issue when a thought struck me…

My response to Sisi,

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Dear Sisi,
You have asked me to comment on two blogs “Just give belief a chance” and “Your most fundamental fears” (

What "being judgmental" realy is

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Judgmental is not stating an opinion or even labeling something as "good" or "bad". Being judgmental is when based on one quality of someone or something you conclude about his whole nature, about all his other qualities. You judge his wholeness based on one aspect.

Common pitfalls in trying to accept

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Trying to accept and observe "what is" is fundamental to spiritual development. Fundamental but not always easy with the mind trying to deceive and sabotage the acceptance. We think we succeeded to accept something and then later we find out that the mind actually played a trick on us and instead of true acceptance, we actually resisted, only this time in a more creative way.

Suffering is not caused by pain but by resisting pain

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The mind does not tell the difference between suffer and pain.
The truth is that pain and suffer are two different things. Pain (emotional or physical) is a feeling, a feeling of a thing undesirable that is there in the body or in the psyche, a thing that inflicts a feeling of pain (a painful emotion, an injury etc.) while suffering is our response out of identification with the pain. Watch it and you will see the difference by yourself.

How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path?

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How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path? How can I know if I'm not fooling myself but really developing?

There is one clear indication for being considerably advanced on the path: it is when you don't care anymore if you have advanced or not.


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may our energy be pure
and our alignment one with source
may our beauty flowers blossom
with the love that we bring forth

may we dance upon the stars
and sing the love we have within

Unity of religious people!

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Inshallah all religious and spiritual people, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others, unite and leave all the nonsense fighting about the "ownership of god" that has polluted the ener

The Mountain - At Burger King

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I dropped my mother-in-law off at the airport in mid March after a nice multi-week visit with us for Jack's 1 year birthday celebration.

The Three Levels of Understanding - Part 1

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There are three level of understanding. In order to fully and permanently understand a truth, in order to trigger a real personal transformation based on that truth, the understanding should penetrate into all the three levels.