Relgious and yogic wisdom are not nondual wisdom

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F.S says there is no vessel to ferry man across the ocean of duality except spiritual wisdom.

Then what is this spiritual wisdom?

Experince of duality is mother of all adiction.

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Experience of duality or mind itself is the mother of all addiction. But the one which has this addiction is not aware of itself due to the intoxication of duality.

Spiritual based meditation

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Meditation is not sitting still or watching thoughts. But deeper understanding the nature of the mind or duality through inquiry,analysis and reasoning on the true base.

Duality becomes unreal when wisdom dawns

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In the presence of the non dual wisdom the experience of duality become infinitely negligible.

Relgious wisdom is nothing to do with Spritual wisdom

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The one who knows the true self which is not bound by experience of duality ,will not try to set himself free.

experinceof duality cease to exist as reality when the mind becomes aware of nondual truth

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It is no use of finding fault with people. They are conditioned to view and judge the worldview on the base of 'I' as self.

Who are you, really? find out in 5 simple steps...

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Someone very amazing and outstanding once asked me: "Who are you?". Obviously this question made me think and lead me to the question "Who am I".


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by Elijah Alfred “NatureBoy” Alexander, Jr.

Reiki as consciousness II

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Read Part I

As Reiki originates in unity consciousness, so its practice also engenders the same. Let's understand how this happens. Earth and Celestial Ki are polar expressions, rather than being dualistic. There's a subtle distinction. Duality is one or the other, two oppositional forces that are separate. Water in the refrigerator is cold; water boiled in a kettle is hot. It's tough to jump from these directly to warm. Yet introduce polarity and the possibility of blending hot and cold appears. Polarity is the balance between two complementary states. It's the in-between state that can take us from duality to unity.

Cold water has it's uses, as does hot water. Earth Ki is specific in its qualities, as is Celestial Ki. In Reiki we work with each specialty for our betterment. We also have the significant opportunity to blend the two, to become one. The perfect balance between the polar energies of Reiki leads to unity consciousness.

And this is where healing really occurs. Whether you're practicing on yourself or another, that practice is not symptomatic relief, but the essential change of consciousness. Symptomatic relief is part of the package, but it's a surface effect. Reiki often surprises people with its power. Knowing Reiki is spiritual healing in its purest sense brings its power into perspective.

There is nothing as sacred as self knowledge

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There is nothing as sacred of self knowledge or knowledge of Ataman. realization of self or Ataman driveth way the ignorance.