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2018 New Year Discourse by Sirshree

The Council – Part 3 - Their Task

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In part three of this series William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, talks about their purpose in these communications.

The Real Messiah is Eshoo

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There is a real Messiah (Savior)and it's the same man called Jesus however there is a lot of info about him that wasn't known before that has been coming to light in the last couple hundred years.We

Amazing History of the Christian Faith

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As i have become a New Thought non traditional Christian , i have been drawn to ancient Church History and am always amazed at where my search has taken me.

The Linchpin

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Born To Be Wild

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It struck me as quite fascinating how each precious gem emerges... wired so uniquely

One stubborn as hell... but oh so obedient... always doing the right thing
Fitting right in

And The Tiger Was She

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And the tiger was she

Her own love ripping her apart
Shredding mercilessly
All the ideas she ever had of herself

Oh the tiger loved her alright
In a tiger-y sort of way

And she ran

On The Water... Leaves No Dent

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It was the awareness that was deemed higher than and separate from the perceiver and the perceived
And the longing for I didn't even know what

Many...would talk of union or merging

Enlivened... Enlit

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Fronds of palms and trunks of coconut trees
Dancing shadows on a wall

And here we be's
You and me

You don't have a shadow

You are the shadow
All lit up


The Bigger, Better, Me

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Hanging on till the nails bleed
Quickly filling in the blanks with a bigger, better, me

Sounds real puuurrrrtttty

Or eternal consciousness
Or soul
Or even god