God's Rules

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In this uplifting quote William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, gives us all hope as we move through our lives.

Of Goldfish And Pigeons And Guppies

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At my old home I had a little fish pond going in the terrace garden

With guppies and goldfish
And a couple of large grey sucker fish
That would lay motionless

Nectar Cannot Taste Itself

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And when the other left
Leaving half an empty space
One half of a kiss remained

It left me bereft
Nectar cannot know the taste of itself

And you longed to kiss yourself

And The Fullness Comes Marching In

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Eternity's ring

It never went anywhere

It was always where it had been
Awaiting your kiss

Your own lips

An ocean dying...parched
Looking for the wetness of water

A Love Like This

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It poured and pored and poured forth
It was uncontainable
Inundating me

There was no stopping this runaway train
It had a life of its own
Doing itself

I had no clue

A love like this

And Your Own Song Sings Back To You

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Many teachers and gurus use words like "god" or "self"

To those who are divorced or separate

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Questioner: Do you have any hope for people who are divorced or separated? According to their religious teachings, some of them may feel doomed.

The Fragrance Of Spring

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Perhaps that's why I shut the fuck up
For a long number of years

I never had the words
And I just intrinsically knew it was premature

And withdrew into Ramana's proverbial cave

Between Everything And Nothing At All

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There are many ideas what this looks like

This shift of which we speak

Mostly about who one wants to be... or would like to become

Seeking... seeking

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

God alone knows how long I lived like that

In hope and fear

Caught between a rock and a hard place