Nishkama Karma - Selfless Service

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The divine fragrance of Nimisha Sugandha drifted to the devotees present at the Ashram one evening. Bhajans played softly in the background. Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji walked out of the room where He meets people individually to offer His Divine Guidance and personal counselling, and sat down smiling benevolently at all the devotees. After they had prostrated at His Feet and received His blessings, a devotee asked Guruji- "Guruji, You have often told us that the only way to stop generating Karma is to give up "doership". But we cannot live in this world without performing some action or the other. Will You please enlighten us about this?"

Guruji said –"Giving up "doership" does not mean that you should live without performing actions. Here we are referring to the feeling "I am doing this". One should carry out every task, speak every word and think every thought with the complete awareness that God is using us as channels and we are merely instruments to manifest Divine Energy. Then everything that we do gets done effortlessly and perfectly, without producing any Karmic reactions.”

The devotee now asked Guruji – "You have taught us that all Karma binds. Good Karma is a chain of gold, while bad Karma is a chain of iron. Why then are disciples asked by the Guru to perform noble deeds and charitable acts which generate good Karma?"

Guruji smiled and asked –"You know that you came into this world from your mother’s womb. But now can you re-enter her womb with your present form? No matter how much you may want to do it, it is physically impossible.

Likewise to go to a state of Nishkama Karma (constantly performing actions that don’t produce Karmic reactions) directly from the web of mixed Karma, in which we are entangled, is not possible for most people. To access the upper floors of a building, we require a staircase or a lift. To access the state of Nishkama Karma, we require the staircase of good Karma. When we engage our mind continuously in Divine thoughts, it becomes pure and selfless. Then it is possible to perform actions without any expectations.”