Nisargadatta and Sincerity

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Perhaps more than any other guru, Nisargadatta seems to both value and personify sincerity and earnestness (maybe genuineness as well). One statement of his in particular is something that has stuck in memory here.

Nisargadatta: Your balance must be dynamic, based on doing just the right thing, from moment to moment. Don't be a child unwilling to grow up. Stereotyped gestures and postures will not help you. Rely entirely on your clarity of thought, purity of motive and integrity of action. You cannot possibly go wrong . Go beyond and leave all behind.

"Go beyond and leave all behind". This is a statement of courage - it means follow your own lights, be willing to literally go beyond everything you've ever known, everything mankind teaches and purports to take as true.

Follow your heart or inner Self (swarupa), no matter where it leads. Even if it leads over the edge of a precipice. This is the diametric opposite of the story of the lemmings following one another off the cliff, in a single file line.

There is no other way to the truth.