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swearing might start a good fight
but it takes all sorts of nice-words
-- diplomacy --
to start the bloodbaths
that one civilization needs to keep destroying others.

THERE is something swearing can do that nice-words can NEVER DO:
sometimes, instead of starting a fight,
swearing can make both side burst out laughing
at the supreme insanity that nice-words need
to start the bloodbaths that destroy civilizations
when the best swearing can do is to start a fight.

the Laughter that ends all conflicts,
and the bloodbaths that only nice-words can start,
is Self, alias Kundalini.

compared to the blithering idiot
that uses nice-words, propaganda,
to fuel conflicts into bloodbaths
a person who says fukk-you is a genius.

-- really, Really, REALLY.

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bloodbath and kundalini soak

bloodbath and kundalini
soak my blood
in shakti

warm gushes
of sacred words

forgotten in the whispers
the memories the k now ings
the slippery substances

of consciousness lost
selfless Self permeates
liquid bath of shakti feels like lightning bathed in love

but then again
just whispering ranting
this moment
the signpost reads

donnaapple | Wed, 08/12/2009 - 16:44