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The date 30-05-2010 has one significance. Its an 100th year of an Yoga, which was given by the creator.
Why it is called a new Yoga is -

1 - Different from the traditional Yoga's.
2 - The present Yoga's in the world makes a soul to reach Paranirvanic levels, where as this yoga lead to Mahapara Nirvanic Level.
3 - As traditional Yogas the energy flow do not start from Mooladhara Chakra, but here from Sahasrahara Chakra.
4 - Flexibility in timing, i.e praying at 6am and 6pm.
5 - This Yoga is of a Direct line means once you are initiated you are linked directly with the Master in the Cosmos. Then onwards Master will take care of the Sadhaka.
6 - Its an universal Yoga, as prayers and courses are in English.
7 - Various types of Consciousness can be found in this Yoga like Sufiism, Buddhic Consciousness, Christ consciousness. Tibetan Consciousness etc.
8 - Feeling is believing here, because Sadhaka feels certain vibrations in the body which is nothing but rectification process.

Some of the details of this Yoga given here.

He thought that through Yoga alone it is possible to establish eternity. The Creator named His Yoga as "Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga" i.e.

Bhrukta means hidden. Hidden means previous births? Karmic effects.

Rahita means eradication.

Taraka means superior.

Raja Yoga means one should not leave his family life. He may practice the Yoga without discarding the family life; he need not be a sanyasi.

In olden days 64 Yogas are in existence. This is the 65th Yoga. All the information is given in scientific manner. So this yoga is named as New Yoga or Scientific Yoga and is also called as Master’s Yoga, as it was given to the world by invisible masters through Master CVV.

To execute this Yoga the creator selected Mr.Canchupati Venkatrao Venkaswami Rao as a fit person. Venkaswami Rao was born on 04.08.1868 at 10:20 A.M. Dhanishta nakshatram at Ammal satram, Kumbakonam, India.

The Creator dispatched his Yoga’s rules, regulations, instructions and other things through mahatmas who bodily living in Himalayas. Mahatmas received instructions etc. from the Creator and dispatched the same through MTA with instructions to dispatch this to Canchupati Venkatrao Venkaswami Rao. Accordingly the M.T.A. dispatched the message what he received from the Higher Source. After some time Canchupati Venkatrao Venkaswami Rao was titled as Master C.V.V. He started the Bhruktha Rahita Tharaka Raja Yoga on 30.05.1910 at 8.30. P.M. In this Yoga there is no Pranayama and Asanas.

After strenuous practice Master C.V.V. found one atom is responsible for human creation. The atom carries karmic effects from birth to birth. If the karmic effects are thrown out the body will stand eternal.

At the time of birth the Prana i.e. stability enters in the body in the form of air. Life prevails until the air stands in the physical body. If the air goes out the physical body remains without life i.e. death occurs.

The air moves in the body through nervous system. The present nervous system is breakable one. If it is burnt death occurs. If one practices the Yoga with devotion diligent faith, utmost care following the rules and regulations and with inner observation, the previous and present births karmic effects will be thrown out in the form of vibrations. The vibrations come through nervous system. Gradually the Sadhaka(one who practices) gets development and attains knowledge little by little.

At the time of practice unbreakable nervous system will be formed. The newly formed nerve enters in the present nervous system as inner tube, which is unbreakable. After the completion of the new nervous system the stability i.e. Prana or air never goes out of the present body. It rotates in the body. After the completion of this process the body will remain eternal i.e. without decay and figure change.

The Creator dispatched temporary adjustments, so many courses, regulations, that is Gods Regulations, Planetary Regulations, Nakshatra regulations, Tadhasthudevatas Regulations, Sthree Devatas Regulations, Rishi Regulations etc. Nearly 900 and above Regulations were given to the Cosmos to bring out proper change to establish Physical Eternity. The regulations are now working in the Cosmos. So many calamities and changes may occur in the whole Universe.