New Religion for this New Millennium !

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We think, That is true religion which is based on True-Spiritualism, ––that which directly helps to bloom or develop our mind, that which teaches the method of better living and that which helps and incite or insist to get true knowledge. The true religion never encourages us to get God and haven. It always encourages us to know the truth, and to be able to receive the truth and for better life. It never gives us any false promise and don’t misguide us.
If you think so, please be connected with us, we want you earnestly. Join our Network and groups –
If you love true-spiritualism, if you are fond of truth, if you have eagerness for self-knowledge –self-realization –self-development, if you want a better life and joyful –peaceful world with full of knowledge, ––you must fall in love of the MahaAnand –the universal true friend.

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please, not another one

Oh no, please, not another one, we are full, thanks anyway, we barely finished the existing ones, come next week, maybe then, and don't forget to bring to the meeting a giveaway, the contract and your own god.

Luz76 | Fri, 04/24/2009 - 17:52