New & Old

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Religion and spirituality are good provided they bring in new ways of thinking. It is always the new that is a sign of life. Science too has a contribution to make in this regard. All the havoc is brought by forces that do not want to change with times and insist on a status quo.

When it is said that to know God is to know Oneself it is not in the sense of knowledge but in actual living. It is living life and being aware of it at the same time, firsthand, directly without past prejudices. In this living experience, past as memory has very little meaning and intellectual stuff far less.

One could say that old memories and our past have wound us up in a particular fashion and all our reactions to life and knowledge are repetition of the same cycle with countless variations. To break free from this pattern is the attainment of freedom and a life that is not a hostage of time.

Let us be aware to see through the holes and gaps that exist in what looks like solid knowledge to have a feel of living life afresh each moment, even if we were to catch a fleeting glimpse of it. It is this that would set us totally free and not a set of dogma, theory or belief.