New Age

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we have never been in an “old age”
and yet we keep hearing words about a “new age.”

We have always been in an age that is determined
NOT by what we observe
but the way we observe it – just like Physics tells us.

So the question is NOT – when or what is this “new age”?
the question is:
how does a spirit have to observe everything
to realize that his body has always been a spirit?

Physics gives us the answers
but only the Hindus of old
explain these answers
with their “Supreme Science”
that gave us Monism,
that today's experts call “Nonduality”
that is the modern materialization of “Advaita.”

-- O'no

Supreme Science: “the use of meditation to study thoughts”
with the same EXACT ruthlessly godless, systematic, scientific methodology
that Physicists use on their particles/waves.