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Like never before:
this story is “Real Fiction”:
Anger makes it Fiction
Laughter makes it Real.

Living-Self is a rare someone
who is a living-nightmare when confronted
but otherwise radiates a carefree Joy, especially Laughter
through all sorts of turmoil and peace
as if there is no choice or control
and yet the whole universe conforms
to his/her no-choice no-control.

From birth a Living-Self
intuitively laughs at its effortless understanding
of Self's 'Language of Monism/Advaita
that is the same 'Language
of Modern Physics.

Theoretical-Self: Anyone that the takes the time and effort to learn Self's 'Language
of Monism, Advaita, Modern Physics,
is a Theoretical-Self.

Self's-language, 'Language, slowly reveals to those fluent with it
HOW all other languages not only thrive but evolve on secrets that make
their dualities/values appear real.

Physics: this same 'Language reveals all the universe's secrets: like its dark-matter, antimatter and even black-holes.

When 'Language effortlessly cuts through dualities
like a hot knife melts butter
it is funny, Laughter.

'Language reveals ALL secrets more and more to the Theoretical-Self
… until Laughter reaches its limit
and then there is nothing left to reveal/seek.

While the Theoretical Self is Laughing
at all the way 'Language comically cuts through dualities
like a hot knife melts butter
the whole world is furious – except for the Living-Self that is also Laughing

This Laughter that makes this story real
attracts its Twins mysteriously
and all distances
like two-poles of ONE magnet attract each other.

Laughter not only attracts its Twins
– Living-Self and Theoretical-Self –
but makes them ONE, Self,
like two-poles make a magnet ONE

for this Real Fiction,
like never ever before.