Neo-advaita and spiritual crap...

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I can see that i sometimes (over many years!)
I used to focus on my absolute nature
as a way to avoid feeling or experiencing
on the relative level, when it suited 'me'...
when it suited the ego as a way of avoidance...
avoidance of feeling pain or fear of it... avoiding it
must be fueled by some residue of belief that it is real...

Seeing this has made it clear that although
there was intellectual knowledge of my absolute true
nature, there was still a trying to suppress/avoid
certain experiences by using this knowledge ....

It's like it was 'safer' to dwell in 'nothingness'
for the 'me'... a great way to deny what wants to evolve
on the relative level... even though it is all
not who i am... this dance of evolution
is amazing to experience...

I can see even it was the insecurity on the relative level
(the vasana of insecurity) that wanted to show everyone
(at times) that 'nobody is here'... and declare it....
(only, of course, to those who have some understanding
already).. as a way to feel good about myself (the relative 'i')...
like i 'knew' something... and wanted credit for it...
well maybe for love or acceptance... but not being able to see this
as the ego was busy trying to avoid the relative
when it suited it to do so...

All pointing to the fact that the false sense of 'i'
was using knowledge about it's absolute nature to keep
avoiding seeing that it is also part of the dream....
even knowledge is part of the dream...

Now...everything is welcome....
as the old zen saying goes,

"First there is a mountain,
then there is no mountain (the Absolute/or emptiness of our true nature)
then there is".

And another Buddhist wisdom
from the Heart Sutra,

"Form IS emptiness. Emptiness IS form".


"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing I am everything,
and between the two my life moves.
— Nisargadatta Maharaj

... He is truly speaking of non-duality in that quote...not denying the Relative
and only focusing on the Absolute.

Here's a great website pointing out more about neo-advaita

ps ; I was so happy to find this after seeing what was happening in the advaita scene from me and others...and from hanging out with a guru intimately.I won't mention his name..but wow, he makes a lot of money from this and loved to hang out in the Absolute when it suits him... to avoid i see I had done on and off for 12 years, though not to that extreme!

Blessings All!!!

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I couldn't say it better, thank you

I was so glad to find your post that pinpoints one of the most unfortunate spiritual diseases nowadays, especially in the west which took Advaita and distorted it into a justification for the mind to indulge in whatever it wishes and avoid what it does not wish, called neo advaita.

There are so many teachers who make living out of this and so many seekers who are willing to pay to hear what they want to hear.

One of the nicest and refreshing angles I find in this website as opposed to other similar Advaita ones in which I used to be active, is that it is beyond the falacies of neo advaita that you beautifuly mention. People here seem that have transcended this error and are on guard to note it when someone is falling in this popular trap.

Good examples are in:

sisi | Mon, 10/26/2009 - 12:08
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Thanks for your warm response.
Yes... it's refreshing to find people here who also are aware of these traps...
thanks for the links you posted also.

much love.

soul | Mon, 10/26/2009 - 21:37
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The danger in halfbaked spiritual doctrines

Great sincere blog, I agree. It happens with yoga (which was transformed into some kind of gymnastics) and it happens with Advaita.

One should be extra sincere with himself to spot the reasoning traps he makes and the hidden agendas that drive him/her.

I am curious to read your hinted experiences with that guru (without mentioning his name, if you feel it is inappropriate) in order to learn from your experience.

samsara | Mon, 10/26/2009 - 14:30
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Thanks Samsara!

I've also see the gymnastics thing with hatha yoga. The western conditioning of "a quick fix'..a rajasic these fast times.
Yes, I'll get back to you soon with more details.

soul | Mon, 10/26/2009 - 22:10
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Samsara, I don't feel to write any more about it....
Check out the web site that I put a link to... it gets to the point about 1/3 of the way down.


soul | Tue, 10/27/2009 - 08:35
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Great post. Spot on! This is

Great post. Spot on! This is a common trap, isn't it? It is abused in much the same way that non-attachment is abused by many buddhists. Non-attachment is used to shirk responsibility where one has incurred responsibility through acts of great attachment (read: desire). What greater attachment could there be? What greater selfishness?

diogenes | Sat, 08/11/2012 - 22:03