Via Negativa

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Vedanta seems to prefer via negativa or neti, neti for describing Brahaman who is the efficient and material cause of the universe and in essence same as my Self.

In the Christian tradition, the via negativa refers to a way of speaking about God and his attributes. Because God is a being far beyond our capacity as human beings to comprehend, anything we can say of him is necessarily limited by our finite human understanding and his reality far surpasses our power of expression. The most true things we can say about him are by way negation—by saying what he is not rather than what he is. We therefore can come to know God better through meditating on how much greater he is than anything we can conceive.

St. Thomas said: “This is the ultimate in human knowledge of God: to know that we do not know Him” (Questiones Disputatiae de Potentia Dei, 7, 5, ad 14). According to this way, we use words like “infinite,” “incorporeal, ”immutable,” and “ineffable” to describe God. Even to call God “perfect,” says St. Thomas, we do by way of negation, because we understand perfection as “lacking nothing.”

For the purpose of pointing out various 'Nyaya' are used . One such Rajjusarpa-Nyaya or rope- snake has already been given. Arundhati nyaya is another given below:-

To show to a person the star Arundhati in the sky, one points out at first to a big star above and says that that big star is Arundhati. The person is first led to a big star that is clearly seen and is said that that is the Arundhati. Then after rejecting that star the real star is shown. Even so, the aspirant is at first shown a physical method of approaching the Reality through service and formal worship of forms, but afterwards he is led gradually to the Supreme Truth which is formless and impersonal.

Now refer the Gita verse 3.42

The working senses are superior to dull matter; mind is higher than the senses; intelligence is still higher than the mind; and he [the soul] is even higher than the intelligence.

This is similar to five sheaths or panch kosha and we apply Arundhati nyaya to say

After negating all of the above mentioned as ‘not this’,
‘not this’, that Awareness which alone remains — that I am.

Ignorance is nothing but wrong knowledge. Everybody is directly aware that he or she exists and does not require any mind or sense organs to apprehend it. Yet due to identification with "not self" we consider ourselves to be the body.

The methodology of Vedanta is Hearing, contemplating and absorption of the Teachings.