navratri &navdurga global dhayan sadhna.

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Navaratri and Navadurga sadhana:
Navaratri or Navadurga Parva happens to be the most auspicious and unique period of worship of Shakti. The Puranas also describe in parables, stories and anecdotes the pre-eminence of Shakti. In “Devi Bhagavat”- is exclusively devoted to the Divine exploits of Durga. The “Markandey Purana” describes the manifestations of the Supreme Shakti as Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. Mahakali destroys the forces of the evil, crushes ego and eliminates ignorance. Mahasaraswati is the deity of discerning intellect, pure knowledge and creative talents. Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of beauty, harmony, prosperity and progress. The hymns describing the magnificence of the great manifestations of Shakti and the 700 mantras of its sadhanas are compiled as “Durga Saptashati” in this Purana. The Skanda Purana describes the epic incarnation of Goddess Durga. The Brahm Purana and Brahmvaivarta Purana also narrate the divine descent of the powers of the supreme Shakti. Lord Brahma is cited in the Markandey Purana as mentioning to Rishi Markandey that the first incarnation of Shakti was as Shailputri. Other incarnations of the Divine Mother are: Brahmcharñi, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri in that order. These nine manifestations of Shakti, are worshipped as “Nava-Durga
The nine-day period of Navaratri is of supreme importance for physical, mental and spiritual health as it lies at the juncture of two seasons. The nourishing energy currents in Nature are at their peak during this transitive phase to eliminate the harmful, negative elements and impressions from our gross and subtle bodies. The sublime domains of consciousness force as stabilized in earth consciousness by the rishis and yogis are most active during this special period. It thus offers us a rare opportunity of expeditiously accomplishing the sadhanas of spiritual elevation.

Venue: Where you are
Date: 25th Sept 2014 to 3rd Oct 2014

General guidelines for meditation:
Sit on a woollen mat (you can also use chair but keep woollen mat below your feet) in a quiet place in a comfortable position with spine kept straightand facing east or north for the meditation.
Chant OM Nine times to balance you energy centers in the body
Do deep breathing for 3-5 minutes
Imagine divine mother Durga at your Ajna Chakra (in between the eyebrows) and worship mentally by offering flowers while chanting mantra.
Chant the mantra for 108 times or 15-30 min as given below on respective days of navaratri.
Navadurga Mantras :
1.First Day Sadhana ( 25th Sept 2014 ): Sri Devi Shailputri.
“Om Hreem shreem Shailputri Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”
2.Second Day Sadhana (26th Sept 2014): Sri Devi Brahmcharñi
“Om Hreem shreem Brahmcharñi Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”
3.Third Day Sadhana((27th Sept 2014): Sri Devi Chandraghanta
“Om Hreem shreem Chandraghanta Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”
4.Fourth Day Sadhana(28th Sept 2014): Sri Devi Kushmanda
“Om Hreem shreem Kushmanda Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”
5.Fifth Day Sadhana((29th Sept 2014): Sri Devi Skandamata
“Om Hreem shreem Skandamata Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”
6.Sixth Day Sadhana(30th Sept 2014): Sri Devi Katyayani
“Om Hreem shreem Katyayani Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”
7.Seventh Day Sadhana( 1st Oct 2014): Sri Devi Kalratri
“Om Hreem shreem Kalratri Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”
8.Eight Day Sadhan(2nd Oct 2014): Sri Devi Mahagauri
“Om Hreem shreem Mahagauri Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”
9. Ninth Day Sadhana (3rd Oct 2014):Sri Devi Siddhidatri
“Om Hreem shreem Siddhidatri Durgaaye namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye namaha”