NAVARATRI – Divine Mothers Teachings – Day 2(Part1)

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Puja Guruji narrates the teachings on - Day 2
Today is the second night of Navaratri. With the Grace of the Divine Mother, yesterday we learnt seven great truths that form the very base of our day to day lives. Devi gave us the knowledge that all of us are ignorant because we are never our true selves. Our qualities change with every circumstance since we lack mental stability and will power. So, though we rarely get what we expect in life, we should stop blaming ourselves or others and accept everything as the Will of the Divine Mother. We should be aware that everything always happens for the best and offer our past, present and future at Her Lotus Feet with total surrender. When we did this yesterday, we prayed to Mother to grant us the divine boons of stability and will power and guide us on our journey from ignorance to knowledge. We recognized the fact that our life has always been full of miracles through Her Grace and when we are constantly aware of the energy of our soul, our own body becomes Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu.
During these nine nights of Navaratri, Devi is guiding us on a pilgrimage to our innermost core. Offering our humble and reverent salutations to Her, let us see what nuggets of wisdom the Divine Mother is going to give us today :
1. Devi says - "Remember wherever the glories of God are eulogized, the beauty of God is discoursed upon and the power of God is described, two things automatically come out - information and transformation. If you take the wisdom given here as information, it is good. But, if you go one step further and use it for your own transformation, it becomes a most enlightening experience for you." This is the first truth that She is revealing to us today. We should always keep this in mind during Navaratri and use every bit of wisdom that Mother gives us for our complete transformation.
2. As all of us are now aware, everything comes from the Lotus Feet of Devi and ultimately dissolves back into Her. That is why She says - "My child, I am the creator of the whole cosmos. Since I created you, My own nature is also your true nature. You have all the divine characteristics that I have." This is the second wonderful truth.
3. Though the Divine Mother created the whole Cosmos and Her Divine Energy or Chaitanya is pulsating in every atom, it is very difficult to cognise Her. All of us have emerged from the wombs of our mothers. However, the irony is that we have never ever seen the womb which was our origin. So also, though Devi Adiparashakti created Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara and empowered them to carry on the functions of creation, sustenance and dissolution, they had not seen Her divine form till the Treta Yuga [1.75 million years ago] when Lord Vishnu manifested as Lord Rama on earth. Though Devi is all pervasive, She is also most elusive. This is the third truth.
4. The truth is always eternal and immortal. It has no beginning or end. Those who are always talking about truth and who are the very embodiment of truth are called Gurus. They always follow the truth and never stray from it for an instant. That is why they are remembered forever. So, whenever we remember, think, talk, share, spread and follow the truth given to us by the Gurus and Sages, we too become immortal. Our body drops away, but people will continue to talk about our soul for centuries to come. All our future generations will remember us with reverence for the legacy of truth that we established. This is the fourth truth Mother is revealing to us today.
5. When we become perfect channels to spread His truth, God's Grace flows to us in all its abundance. Just as all rivers flow only from the west to the east, and finally merge into the sea, when we become the torch bearers of truth, grace flows to us from God, `directional. It only flows from Him to us and never in the reverse direction. This is the fifth truth.
6. Just as a rossagulla or sweet becomes sweeter and sweeter as it soaks in sugar syrup, so also, as we talk about God, our soul soaks more and more in the nectar of His Grace. The Grace that flows to us is directly proportionate to how much and how long we think and talk about Him. Every moment that we think, feel, breathe and talk about God, we get His Grace. As it flows to us and collects in us, our heart blossoms into a thousand petalled lotus emitting its fragrance far and wide. This is the sixth truth.
7. Now comes the million dollar question. We have been worshipping God, praying to Him, participating in satsangs and going on pilgrimages for so long - then why have we not experienced all this? We may sometimes think - "I have gone to Tirupati, Tiruvannamalai and other pilgrimage centres innumerable times, without any apparent benefit, but my friend went only once and his whole life is transformed. Why is nothing working for me?" The answer to this question is simple - all the mountainous karma that we have generated in our past lives is being erased by this Grace. Every micro mili-litre of nectar called God's Grace is being used for this. We can understand this through a small example. When we buy a new vehicle, we are very particular about getting it serviced every 3000, 5000 or 10,000 kms. We only look at the mileage in the speedometer of the car, but do we ever calculate the amount of petrol or fuel that the car has consumed to cover that distance? No. In the same way, we have never calculated how much Grace has been consumed till now to wipe out our karma. We don't know how to do this. A constant displacement is taking place inside us. If we hold a bottle of ink below a tap or faucet, as the clear water runs into the bottle, it displaces the ink. Slowly as more and more of the ink is displaced, the bottle contains only clear, pure water. So also, when all our karma has been removed by Grace, we will overflow with nectar. This is the seventh truth.
-- to be continued in Day 2(Part2)