NAVARATRI – Divine Mothers Teachings – Day 1(Part3)

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--Continuation of the Blog--NAVARATRI – Divine Mothers Teachings--

Devi Adiparashakti said - "None of you are to blame. Everything that has happened is My Leela or divine sport." Hearing this, all the Gods are absolutely astounded. From that day till today, whenever we hear something very unexpected, whether the news is good or bad, our whole thinking process comes to a standstill and we call it a state of shock! We think we are so different from the Gods. However, if Gods are harassed by demons, we are also attacked by demons in human form outside and demonic thoughts and feelings inside. Whatever the Gods have experienced or are experiencing, we also experience a part of it. That is why we say history repeats itself. Now Devi continues - "All of you have been blaming Lord Brahma. I assure you it is not his fault. All this is happening only because it is My Will."
1. This is the third truth: Everything happens because it is God's Will that it should be so. Nothing is actually caused by us, our circumstances or the people around us. We are all puppets in the hands of the Master Puppeteer called God. We sometimes think - "I did nothing to harm anybody. Why is this happening to me?" It is just God's Will. So, we should never fill our minds with bitterness, resentment or guilt by indulging in blame games, blaming circumstances, other people or ourselves for anything that has happened or is happening to us. We must constantly be true to our principles, but must never attribute the results of our actions to ourselves or others. We should be aware that the Will of the Divine Mother is always Supreme.
2. The fourth truth is that surrender is the doorway to knowledge. So, whatever we are doing now, whatever has happened to us in the past, and whatever we want in the future - we should not keep this in our minds - we should simply unburden ourselves by offering it all at the Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother. Mother says - "My child, nobody is responsible for anything that happens in your life. Don't blame your parents, spouse, children, colleagues, neighbours or strangers. It is all My Will. So, free yourself of all these burdens by simply offering everything at My Feet and even your most complex problems will be resolved effortlessly through My Grace."
3. The fifth truth is that everything always happens for the best. No matter how bad things may seem to us, it is all happening for our own good. Since we are not yet able to see the full picture because of our ignorance, we sometimes feel that our life is going from bad to worse. If our lives hit a bad patch, we should constantly remember that the Divine Mother's Will is ever benevolent. She will never permit anything that is not in out best interests to happen to us.
4. The seventh truth is that from today, our life is Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu. What is Vaikuntha? It is a place of divine miracles. Our body is a place of miracles - look at how it grows and changes. Isn't that a miracle? Look at how our mind is transformed by the knowledge gained through our experiences. Isn't that a wonderful miracle? Yes. Our lives are full of miracles, but we did not have the wisdom to recognise this till now. Since we were not stable, we were not able or capable of doing this. Now we are at the point where miracles are happening constantly. Merely materialising objects is not a miracle. A change in our pattern of thinking is a miracle. A change in the way we feel is a miracle. A change in the way we respond and correspond with people is a miracle. These are the transformative miracles that we must all recognise and strive to achieve. That is why the Divine Mother says - "When you realise that your inner Chaitanya or your own soul is Divinity, your body becomes a shrine. Then you need not go to a temple to see God. Your own life becomes Vaikuntha." This is the greatest knowledge that Devi is giving us today.
So, let us drop our diffidence and self-doubt by empowering ourselves with these nuggets of knowledge that the Divine Mother has given us. On this first day of Navaratri, the Divine Mother is ready to grant two boons to all of us - the boons of stability and will power.
So, the seventh truth is that stability and will power are indispensable on the path to knowledge. On this inward journey from ignorance to knowledge, we need the inner stability and stamina of a horse. A horse can trot, canter and gallop for very long distances without feeling tired. Today all of us need this kind of horsepower. Mental stability and will power will give us the ability to think positively all the time. They give us the steadfastness to remain our true Selves with any body in any situation. So, let us all close our eyes and pray to Her - "Mother, let my stability and will power be rock hard like Your outer form and let my heart be as soft and all encompassing as Your Chaitanya or ever pulsating energy. Please hold my hand and guide me on the path to Knowledge. Banish my darkness and lead me to light."

May all of you attain the light of Self knowledge and become enlightened. May all beings be happy.

Jai Matha. Om Tat Sat.

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