The Nature of Shakti for Self Realization

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"Shakti is the energy
of pure consciousness
that awakens you into self realization.

Once you begin to feel the Shakti,
whether you feel it as bliss, peace or love
or even just as a pleasant vibration
then it is most important
to surrender your attention in it.

Because it will guide you in every action
into deeper peace and joy.

You will feel with every action you do,
everything you eat,
every place and person you visit
whether it is supportive of peace and awareness
or does it harm your awareness.
Does it bring you closer
to the essence of what you are
or does it push you further away.

Because the mind and all of its
concepts and judgments
cannot tell you this truth
because it cannot known through thinking.

But once this bliss energy
becomes the dominant experience for you
and you value it more than anything
then very easily your life becomes about bliss.

It will first feel as though bliss is guiding
you in every action,
then it will feel as though bliss is doing every action.
That it is all moving along by itself
in and as bliss.

This guidance is always available,
but the habits, tendencies, addictions
and identification with the mind
are usually too strong.

And if you do not feel the bliss energy that is at
the essence of this moment
then it is only natural you will seek
pleasures to take you out of the pain of living
regardless of the consequences of doing so.

But when you really make the conscious
decision in every moment that your life
is now about Shakti, is now about
living in the energy vibration of
unconditional peace and bliss
and radiating that,
then the path becomes clear.

And it moves you first through actions
and then into non action.
Once the Shakti is radiating through
you strongly enough,
and the mind and body are clear enough,
then for the most part
it is all about surrendering deeper
and deeper into the stillness of this moment
until you come to pure silence
of perfect non action.

And that takes you into a whole
new world of joy.

Much love,


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Shakti, inner body

There is an excellent detailed post about the Shakti/Bhanga/inner-body vibration and its qualities in

It is indeed an important thing but to present it in association with self realization is an exaggeration (and a bit populist, no?).

Last point - experiencing shakti is not necessarily blissful and pleasant, definitely not in the beginning. It triggers the release of deep-rooted painful feelings and conditioning and for many it is for sometime one of the most unpleasant phases on the spiritual path

mika | Wed, 07/31/2013 - 07:01