Nature of the mind

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Just to start with -- I've been posting here a bit much lately... my girlfriend just got out of the hospital, so if you're annoyed at seeing my username too often, I probably will be finding other things to do soon ;=).

It's interesting that we have to 'seek' logic and rationality, that these things aren't the default. If we were really logical/rational creatures, this would be the norm -- there would be no fields of study such as logic and mathematics.

The mind is actually quite illogical and irrational. It is also profoundly dualistic, able to think only in poles: good/bad, right/wrong, yes/no. The computer itself is modeled after the mind, uses "base 2" arithmetic (binary), which is a pure dualistic math. Yes/no, on/off, go/stop, etc.

Reality doesn't have any of these dualistic poles. It is wholistic, flowing, constantly changing, always different and surprising and fresh, completely 'analog' in nature, where the mind works in a binary-like, dualistic fashion.

Moreover, the mind also tends to create strange illusions. Lately I've noticed that every time I think about something, it becomes a 'reality' -- for example, I start thinking about how people dwell in the mind, and I start dwelling on that topic. Or I think about how the 'me identity' is an illusion, and that creates a sense of 'me identity' here.

It seems here that the mind is self-contradictory, quite useless for anything but remembering how to get to the store, or where I left the tea cup. It's what generates all of our suffering, and almost none of our happinesses. We find our gladness from (memories of) being completely present in the moment, whether it's with loved ones or alone.

Realizing this, it becomes easier to surrender the mind. Why waste any more time thinking about things that rarely or never come true, or dwelling on past memories? Just walk to the store, and you'll find that the experience is entirely different than the mind can picture it, absolutely different -- that is, if you're in the present moment when you walk there.

Reality is entirely different than I ever imagined it to be. Much of what I thought to be the case was based on some past negative experiences, and really nothing like that has been occuring since those experiences happened 10, 20, even 30 years ago! Everything is different than the mind can picture it. Dwelling in the mind is literally existing in a dream world.

Consider the present moment, consider finding out why words like "now" and "present" can become so beautiful and meaningful. How life can become a high adventure, always full of promise. Ditch that dead, mechanical thing in your head and come back to the here and now.