The Nature of Awareness & Surrender

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"Have you ever watched a tree
being blown in the wind?
However the wind blows,
the tree bends.

It is not that the tree is doing
any action of bending,
it is not doing anything.
Simply by its nature of non resistance,
there is the allowing of the wind
to flow through.

Same with liquid.
You put your hand in water
and automatically
the water allows your hand
to pass through.

It is not doing anything,
there is simply no resistance.
There is no one there
as a solid individual to resist.

This is how awareness is.

What arises, arises,
what passes, passes.

If there is no one there
that claims to be aware,
that claims ownership, resistance
self importance, judgment & opinions
then everything flows through
like the wind.

And sometimes
clinging on to something
will happen so fast,
you don't even realize you are doing it.

Because of some tendency,
you have grabbed hold of a thought
or emotion and made it you.

And this is not wrong,
it cannot be avoided.
But the same allowing is necessary.

You do not need to release the holding,
you simply have to allow everything to be
and be aware of that.
Just the awareness that you are holding
is enough.

Because just in the awareness
that you are holding,
the holding relaxes.
The holding begins to rest
in its true nature as peace.

And that peace
takes care of everything.
When you surrender yourself
and allow this peace to take over
then it brings everything back into itself.

Much love,


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Complete surrender is when the tree is willing to fall

The common analogy of surrender to a tree bending in the wind is not precise. The tree does put enormous resistance against the wind, otherwise it would have fallen.

Complete surrender to those who experienced it is the willingness to fall, the willingness to be uprooted completely by a storm, zero resistance, the acceptance of the psychological and physical risks of breaking down completely and even dying. It necessitates a lot of trust.

Less than that yields nothing as we all know from our experience and those around us. People surrender a bit like a tree in the analogy and then continue with their ordinary life of resistance as if nothing happened. This continuation is impossible when you are brave enough to let go resistance completely and fall.

happy together | Mon, 07/01/2013 - 08:21