Mystic Stories

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Disciple: Please, will you hold my hand till I reach the end?
Master: Boy! You got to go there alone. Even two is a crowd there!
Disciple: I would not have come to you and wasted my time, if you told me this before hand!
Master: I'm saying the same even now. Stop holding on to me and move on!
Disciple: Then what for you are here?
Master: Just to tell you that!

Disciple: I want to know the Truth!
Master: You have come to me, now no more searching!
Disciple: Yes! I know, I'm so fortunate that my search is over!
Master : Indeed. Why fear when I'm here?
Disciple : Thanks to god for sending a master like you, my journey is complete!
Master : Indeed, now relax, I will take care of everything !

Disciple : So, is there really some problem with this vasanas in me?
Master : Yea sure !
Disciple : Then what happens if I get out of all these vasanas ?
Master : Enlightenment !

Disciple : How do I come out of these vasanas?
Master : You don't have to come away. But they have to!

Disciple : How do I identify my vasanas?
Master : Sit quietly in meditation and observe the urges that rise.
Disciple : Yes. I always do. They disturb my meditation!
Master : On the contrary, they want to get exhausted !
Disciple : So what should I do when I get those disturbing thoughts?
Master : Watch them like bubbles in the water. Bursting one after other.

Disciple : So, can I go to deep sleep now ?
Master : You can never go to deep sleep !
Disciple : How come ?
Master : Sleep comes, you can never go to it.
Disciple : What should I do then ?
Master : Just allow it when it comes !

Disciple : What do I gain from reciting a mantra?
Master : In fact you loose a lot. No gains!
Disciple : What do I loose?
Master : The unwanted thoughts in your mind.
Disciple : But Mantras are also just sounds?
Master : Yes, the only sounds which can make you silent.

Disciple : Will gods hear my mantras ?
Master : Definitely not. They don't know your mantras!
Disciple : Then why should I recite?
Master : So that you can listen and attune yourself to the gods.

Disciple : I'm disturbed about what I see around me..
Master : It’s because you are still dreaming !
Disciple : But my eyes are opened and I'm awake !
Master : Yes ! This is called as some kind of day dreaming.
Disciple : How do I know what I see and experience is just a dream?
Master : When you understand, that the waking dreams are as temporary as the sleeping dreams.

Disciple : Can I Comprehend the Brahman?
Master : Never !
Disciple : What should I do then ?
Master : You can simply connect to it !

Disciple: (just arrived) Master, I renounced my family, job and have come to you!
Master: Go back home, drop your family and the job from your mind, and if still possible, then come back here.

Disciple: So what is renunciation?
Master: Giving up the notion that you exist independent of your source!
Disciple: How is that done?
Master: By expanding the limited you to your unlimited source!

Disciple: So what I am here for?
Master: Only to know that you have to go back from where you came!
Disciple: What should be the difference in me when I came and when I leave?
Master: You came isolated and should leave total!

Disciple: How do I bring down the walls of my limited mind?
Master: By knowing that what is inside and outside of the walls are just the same.

Disciple: Once I found the gift, can I throw the wrappers away?
Master: No, you will need them. Keep them safely!
Disciple: Why the wrappers, when I found the gift?
Master: The gift is so precious, you need to keep them always wrapped!

Disciple: Can I become aware of my Inner Self?
Master: Certainly, YES!
Disciple: What is the effort I should make for that?
Master: The only effort is, STOP making all the efforts and just BE!
Disciple: Am I not wasting my life if I stop the efforts?
Master: In fact you would start to 'live' only after that...

Disciple: I want to quit this world and come to you!
Master: Why so?
Disciple: Nothing works for me in life. I seek some solace and peace from you!
Master: If it did not work there, be assured, it will not work here too. Stay where you are!

(After few days)

Disciple: I want to come to you!
Master: Why so?
Disciple: I want to conquer this world. I seek your blessings and guidance!
Master: You are a threat to this monastery! Stay where you are!

(After few days)

Disciple: I want to come to you!
Master: why so?
Disciple: I want to master myself!
Master: There you are! I'm waiting for you! Come soon!

Disciple: Do I have an Atman?
Master: Do you have a tongue?
Disciple: Oh sure! Otherwise I can’t be asking this question!
Master: Similarly, without Atman you cannot be even talking, leave alone questioning!

Disciple: If everything contained in space, then space is the greatest?
Master: Whatever contains the space is the greatest!
Disciple: Wow! What’s that thing?
Master: No Thing!

Disciple: Can I find truth in being alone without anyone?
Master: Yes, till someone comes to meet you!
Disciple: What can I call that experience in being aloof?
Master: Escape!!!

Disciple: I want to be left alone!
Master: Sure, then go to the market and buy vegetables now!
Disciple: That, for god's sake, is not being alone!
Master: If you cannot see all those people in the market as one then you are not going to be alone at all.
Disciple: Please explain!
Master: All + One = Alone!

Disciple: I want to kill my ego!
Master: What is ego?
Disciple: the sense of me!
Master: Then who wants to kill your ego?
Disciple: I
Master: It’s a crime to commit suicide, so keep quiet and do your work.

Disciple: I have decided to avoid using the term 'I'
Master: Why so?
Disciple: Because it shows I have ego.
Master: Excellent! But who is avoiding?
Disciple: Of course, I only am avoiding ‘I’!
Master: Instead of 'you' avoiding 'you', can’t you accept?
Disciple: What happens if I don't accept?
Master: You are slapping yourself, which is bondage!
Disciple: What if I accept?
Master: You are embracing yourself, which is freedom!

Disciple: What is Maya?
Master: Your thought that you are bound is Maya!
Disciple: What is liberation from Maya?
Master: To know that there is neither bondage nor liberation is true liberation!

Disciple: How do I know I'm in this state of duality?
Master: Whenever you ask this question!
Disciple: How do I know I'm out of this duality state?
Master: Whenever you stopped asking this question!

Disciple: Do you project your mind too?
Master: Yes!
Disciple: Then what’s the difference between you and me?
Master: My mind projects and I know it, your mind projects too and you have not known it yet!
Disciple: What’s the problem in it?
Master: Problem is you believe it and want others to believe it too!

Disciple: Can you describe the experience of the self?
Master: Hush! Can you hear the sound of the falling rain?

Disciple: Despite your enlightenment, you seem to be still bound!
Master: Why so?
Disciple: I see you still do all these earthly things like others. Eating, meeting, talking, driving...
Master: True!
Disciple: so what were you doing before enlightenment?
Master: Cribbing!
Disciple: and now?
Master: Stopped!

The Chinese King: "I am powerful and people respect me equally. So is there any difference between you and me? "
The Master: "Not much. Except that your kingship can be taken away from you. But the awareness I have, cannot be".