Mystic sense of familiarity

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When you happen to dis-identify from the body for some time, when you deeply and genuinely immerse in the temporal deep realization that you are not the body, you sense a strong feeling of familiarity.

This is the indication that you are really in a genuine mode of dis-identification with the body.

It can happen as a result of some technique and in most cases it happens spontaneously. In either cases it means that you were ready for it in terms of the state of your conditioning.

This sense of familiarity is a divine and pleasurable fuzzy feeling. It is the closest thing to feeling the mystic dimension.

It vanishes very quickly, especially when your instinctive desire to prolong it arises.

The reason for this sense of familiarity is most probably that you suddenly sense your body as an object. And this object is of course familiar, it has been always there with you but in a tacit way, as part of your extended "I" and suddenly now it is apart and can be fully grasped.

I arrived to this conclusion about the reason after many times of sensing this feeling.

I have no control on the timing and magnitude of this experience buy nowadays identify it coming when sensing this peculiar feeling of familiarity.

Has anybody else ever had this feeling?

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Great issue!

Great issue and very well described. You feel this sense of familiarity when you are truly in the now and when you are truly in the sense of "I Am".

It is a good indication that you are there. Once you apply the least effort or the least expectation, it is gone.

Annie | Tue, 10/04/2011 - 06:27