The Mystery of Kundalini (What is Kundalini ) - 4

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The power of Meditation is worth mentioned. The Grace of any Guru is limited. THE ENERGY DERIVED BY MEDITATION IS UNLIMITED. It renders all help in spiritual path. DOUBT is the greatest hurdle for any one who venture to practice yoga independently. He has to practice a number of years to gain perfection. THE GRACE OF GURU WOULD REDUCE THE TIME AND SPEED-UP WORKING.

The Chosen Master must be perfect and an expert. Such a Self realised Guru alone would help his followers by his Graceful attitude. He need not particularly select a person or two and shower his Grace. He is always open. Only a fitting person would be able to receive his Grace. As a disciplined follower if one approaches a Master, inner changes begin in him. Silently his defects will be rectified. Day by day he becomes pure. He cleanses one aspect after another and thus proves himself fit for higher learning and awakening. The Grace of a Master will be like a fountain of water. It comes up automatically at high speed. A disciple can take shelter under the Grace of a Great Guru.

IN INDIA, Devi – a goddess is considered as power personified. The Hindu’s worship ‘Sakthi’ in different forms with different names. IN YOGA LITERATURE ‘KUNDALINI’ IS CONSIDERED AS SUPREME POWER. Kundalini is the synonym for goddess power. Kundalini energy is related to ‘Sakthi’. THAT KUNDALINI ENERGY, WHEN INVOKED BY MEDITATION BECOMES YOGA POWER. Only the Gurus who mastered Kundalini energy can instill such energy in their followers and create inspiration in the deserving aspirants.

The basics must be fool proof to receive higher energy. Our Physical, Mental and Astral levels be clean and perfect. If a Guru imparts high power energy to an undeserving, un-prepared or defective disciple, he is sure to suffer. He will misuse that energy and go into rags. He becomes a prey to his powers. The Guru may be kind hearted and generous, but what about the disciple? If he tries to deceive a Master by false pretensions, and pseudo culture, he will be doomed in no time. If he has no dedication, cannot contain that high energy. READINESS AND CLEANLINESS ARE THE MOST ESSENTIAL QUALITIES IN ANY DISCIPLE. Even a small portion of Grace will be a big boon to the disciple. Divine power or Mystic energy will flow through the Grace of a Master. THE GURU IS AN INVISIBLE BRIDGE BETWEEN DIVINE POWER AND THE HUMANITY AT LARGE.

‘SAKTHIPATH’ is a mystic happening. Nobody knows how it happens, when it happens. It is an energy flow from a Master. What are the qualifications of a disciple to receive that flow? No measures are there but one thing is clear. A disciple, or a truth seeker, should not have a spec of ego and selfishness. One should be bold and fearless. FEAR AND EGO CERTAINLY OBSTRUCT THE FLOW OF SAKTHIPATH. Many Gurus and Yogis do have that capacity, but willingly they don’t do it. The Guru also must be devoid of Ego. Many Gurus are Ego personified. Even if they have enough yogic energy they cannot distribute it to others. Ego and Selfishness stand in their way. Every seeker wants enormous yogic powers to become popular. None will estimate his containing capacity. Unless a seeker is mentally clean and spiritually perfect, such powers do not descend on him. There is no use of begging and bargaining. The divine powers shine from a distance and tempt him. They don’t come near to him. He has to go up to them. That temptation will encourage the disciple to forget his physical entity and proceed in nothingness.

IN THE TIME OF TEMPTATION AND WEAK MOMENTS, THE GURU PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE. HIS INTERFERENCE MAY BE A SHORT WHILE BUT IS VERY IMPORTANT. He come in person, appears in astral, and give a twist and exit. Actually it is the Guru that could open the door and let the divine energy pass. It is the guru who receives that higher power through his Sahasrara centre and pass on to the disciples according to their needs and necessities. The divine should net be mis-used or wasted. If a disciple could not bear it the Guru must contain in him self. MEN WHO DISCARD EGO COMPLETELY ARE FIT TO RECEIVE, THAT DIVINE GRACE. A REAL GURU DOES NOT HAVE EGO AT ALL. HE CAN NOT EVEN BE A BIT SELFISH. He works always for the welfare of humanity, and to the society. He dreams of helping people in spiritual path. He feels no difference between his disciples and others. All are equal to him. He is above all favors and prejudice. All are travelers in divine high ways. That is why, all Gurus look humble and simple. ‘SAKTHIPATH’ take place between two humble and pure hearts.

THERE IS NO HARD AND FAST RULE THAT EVERY MEDITATOR SHOULD HAVE A GURU. Tradition demands its necessity. TRUTH SEEKERS ARE RESEARCH SCHOLARS. THEY SEARCH IN THEIR HEARTS. THEIR HEARTS ARE THEIR LABORATORIES. Every research scholar finds a new Theory, establish a new truth. He studies all the older methods and theories but finally find a new one. SO MUCH SO WITH MEDITATORS. For example MASTER CVV had no guru. JK had no guru. AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW A TRODDEN PATH, YOU CANNOT BE INDEPENDENT. YOU WILL NOT BE AWARDED “MASTER” DEGREE. Shiridi Sai, Ramana Maharshi had no gurus. They were awakened by some divine grace. They had ‘Sakthipath’ in its true sense. Such Masters are said to be Truth Finders. They are incarnations of Truth.

The above named masters founded their Self by themselves. In such cases the Self in the Self act as Inner Guru. They are Self Luminous. Divine light entered in their hearts on its own accord, on its own mission. That is Self-mission. They are Gurus unto themselves. They might have realised their Self in their past births. They came to this birth to establish that Truth. They suddenly woke up in this life as full fledged Masters.

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