The Mystery of Kundalini (What is Kundalini ) - 3

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There is no second opinion about the power of Kundalini. Every person will have a Kundalini, weather he knew about its functions or not. Some think it is life energy necessary for living. Some others say it is Pranic energy. MAN CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF KUNDALINI ENERGY. The Kundalini energy has another phase – i.e. POWER. The energy that comes out will be evenly distributed all through the vehicle. WHEREAS KUNDALINI POWER DOES NOT COME INTO OPERATION, UNLESS ASKED FOR. It is described by some schools of Yoga as a sleeping serpent. It wakes up when sufficient provocation is given.

Man needs both Pranic energy and life energy. Both the energies are drawn from Kundalini in limited quantity. IF WE AWAKEN KUNDALINI BY YOGA, IT WILL SUPPLY VARIETY OF ENERGIES AND DELIVER IN ENORMOUS QUANTITIES. THAT POWER IS EQUIVALENT TO THE POWER OF ALMIGHTY GOD BRAHMAM. A MAN WHO REALISES BRAHMAM BECOMES BRAHMAM. That is ancient axiom. When awakened, the Kundalini energy flows through Sushumna, an invisible energy channel, touching all other important centres, reach the head centre called Sahasrara. There it blossoms as a thousand – petalled lotus. Thus it is named “Sahsasra Dala Padma’ by the ancients. In the Sahasrara centre, the transported Kundalini energy will be transformed as Brahmic energy. That transformation cannot be done easily. It needs the support of 100 year Tapas. Literally means, a life long meditation necessary to attain perfection, or final achievement. There are no shorter ways to reach Sahasrara.

GRACE – A beautiful word. Not only beautiful but also very attractive and Graceful. Every one Gods race speaks of Grace – It may be Grace of God, Grace of a Guru, Master’s Grace or Grace of somebody. GRACE IS NOTHING BUT FREE SUPPLY OF KINDNESS.

During the 20th century a number of Masters propounded new theories in Yoga, quite independently, for independent practice. It was welcome by modern minds. ONE NEED NOT DEPEND ON A RELIGIOUS OR TRADITIONAL GURU FOR YOGA PRACTICE AND SPIRITUAL UPLIFTMENT. One need not serve at the feet of a Guru for a long time to obtain his Grace. Everybody can follow a method of his choice and do meditation. Very simple – Very convenient. But instead of a Guru, one needs a guide – An expert in the line to guide.

It looks like old wine in new bottle. Yet it is new. There is no straight relationship of a Guru and a Sishya. It is just a teacher – student formula. It is a Master – medium understanding. The system had gained, no doubt, wide publicity, more or less followed by all modern disciples. To name a few – Shiridi Sai Baba, Master CVV, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, JK and Sri Ramachandraji opened new doors and became new trend-setters. An aspirant of Yoga is able to derive necessary inspiration from the above Masters. He could fill his heart with some divine energy.

Even such independent disciples select one Master as his Guru and practice Yoga with independent spirit. In the heart of hearts, he worships “ONE’ as his Guru. He cannot easily right off that Guru concept. When he needs further guidance, then he runs for a Guru. He feels that a Physical Master is necessary in spiritual travel. All cannot progress independently. One should be bold to travel in darkness, in utter silence, quite alone. Faith alone will not help him. He needs Grace of a Guru. The guidance of a Guru is very essential, for he transfers energy. The Guru transfers required strength from him into the disciple. That Grace is called “SAKTHI PATH”.

There is a vast difference between Yoga Power and the Grace of a Guru. MASTER’S GRACE IS QUITE DIFFERENT FROM THE ABOVE TWO. ‘YOGA POWER’ is something acquired by a Sadhaka independently. He, by his own effort earns it. It is his own. The Grace of a Guru looks similar to that of that Yoga Power but it is very subtle and invisible and kind. The kindness of a Guru, the love of a Guru towards his disciples turn as Grace. It is to be transformed as energy by the disciple. His love and dedication would help that transformation. Grace cannot be used as it is. MASTERS GRACE IS SUPREME. It is a certificate to our sincere effort. Our sincere Sadhana will draw some Master into our hearts chamber. A Guru or a Master does not pour his Grace on our heads, simply because we ask for. It is a generous act. It is benevolent act. It will not be granted at the request of a disciple. It is showered by a Master or Guru with love and effection. The love of a Guru transforms into yogic energy. It enters into the heart of a disciple, if he is Total.

People that visit spiritual persons generally request their blessings. Just by blessing, people expect their problems to dissolve. WE FIND VERY FEW PEOPLE THAT SEEK ADVICE FOR THEIR SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT. The Grace of a teacher is two fold. It helps a common man to redeem from his problems. It helps a seeker to by-pass all obstacles in his spiritual pursuita. Grace is unique – surrender is the key note to Grace. It demands no other sacrifice. It requires no other qualifications. Total surrender to a Guru is enough. Some disciples try to win the heart of the Guru by other means. Such people are kept at a distance. The Guru can understand their motive and behavior. THE DISCIPLES WHO SURRENDER TOTALLY DO NOT CRAVE FOR GRACE. THEY JUST DEDICATE THEMSELVES WITHOUT EXPECTING ANY RETURNS. They make themselves fit for instant Grace and Kindness. If a follower observes strict discipline, without caring for loss and profit, the Grace of the Guru would follow him.

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