The Mystery of Kundalini (What is Kundalini?) - 2

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Behind every question, there will be shadow of doubt. In every answer, there will be a partial truth….such is the nature of human brain. Doubting people do not wait for correct assessment. They just move on to another question. Another doubt come up.

An enquirer, not caring for results, not caring for disappointments, drive into the depths of his heart. Such people take to Yoga, get into yoga and lose interest in tradition and rituals. Then only they find progress. They can easily select a right path, and a right Guru. They don’t waste their time in unnecessary discussions and debate. They do not pay attention to any ready made answers. They go for experience. They crave for first hand knowledge, not information. That is acquired by Self enquiry and search in the Inner. Any answer much touch the heart, it must be felt. Answers given by others stop with mind. They do not touch the heart. Answers came out of Self enquiry touch the hearts directly. There will be no concessions

We should work hard in the Spiritual field to enjoy good crop. We must open the doors of our hearts, let new air breathe in. IN GENERAL, WE SHUT ALL THE DOORS AND DO NOT ALLOW FRESH AIR TO COME IN. THE KNOWLEDGE MUST BE FRESH ALWAYS. For lives together we did not open the doors. We are ignorant, more we are adamant. If we try, we can easily break the doors and enter in. Unless, we enter into our hearts in a jump we cannot find suitable answers. The information, we so far collected do not travel beyond our minds. It does not go nearer to the heart. It cannot enter into the heart. Finding no place to settle, it will come back and dissolve slowly. Our heart do not receive what all the mind supplies. After filteration and thorough screening, nothing will remain.

WE SHOULD BUILD A PHILOSOPHIC MIND WITHIN THE MIND. It should wear rational garments. We should have proper perspective. PRACTICE OF YOGA GIVES PROPER PERCEPTION AND PERFECTION. We might have studied a thousand books on various schools of thought. That study might have given us some mental satisfaction. That is just a consolation. It is not at all beneficial in building our inner personality. Our hearts do not tolerate all such non-sense for a longer time. It will rebel. It will not accept other’s knowledge, other’s experience as its own. It becomes crazy of independence. It wants total freedom. It wants a Self development. So, it begins a search. That is search in the Self – a Self search.. If necessary it searches for a Guru who would be of immense help in its Self search. A Guru who had enough of spiritual experience can lead others, can make others experience like himself. It is Self experience that makes a common man, a disciple – A SPIRITUAL TRAVELLER.

What does ‘KUNDALINI mean?
It is not easy to say about Kundalini…….
We can understand Kundalini; we can experience Kundalini. We can enjoy the ecstasy derived from Kundalini.
But it is not possible to fully explain about Kundalini.
It would be knowing about creation. It would equally be knowing about the creator or creative genius.
All these revelations come out in an order on Self-realization. That is possible only through Yoga.

What benefits do we have by knowing about Brahmam, or by probing into the mysteries of creation?
Off course, there may not be any profits and benefits. That Secret Doctrine will certainly help Evolution. It will quicken Evolution. It will give strength to COSMIC KUNDALINI, which cause perfection in creation. Thus, indirectly the world at large, our humanity in particular will benefit. An ignorant person will become intelligent. Humanity comes out of darkness into Light.

KUNDALINI IS THE BASIS FOR YOGA. Yoga working commences with Kundalini consciousness and end in flowering on the head centre called Sahasrara. It is a general belief that Kundalini energy resides in Mooladhara Centre in the form of an atom in the triangled box. It sleeps in Mooladhara . It is dormant. IT IS TO BE AWAKENED BY YOGA POWER. In reality, yoga power can be attained after awakening Kundalini. In such a case there should not be any external force, or power that can be applied for Kundalini rising. So, there must be some other device to play on Kundalini, not any force or pressure.

Anyhow Kundalini is INVISIBLE. And Kundalini energy is also not visible. The Kundalini energy is distributed all through the body. In any point it can consolidate. But we can feel it anywhere and everywhere.

Generally, the Kundalini spur is let known from Mooladhara centre. It can be awakened both ways – one by giving pressure to Mooladhara, the second by Love. To feel Kundalini spur by any means will be great experience. It gives wonderful joy and sublime pleasure in ecstasy. First of all, YOGA SADHANA BEGINS WITH PRESUMPTION. In the beginning it may look fanciful. Afterwards, it looks real and sidereal. That is the secret of Yoga. Yoga brings into light and hidden treasures of creation, and brings out the talents of man.

To be cont…