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What is Kundalini?

What is meant by Kundalini awakening?

Is it accidental, or incidental or practical or some divine happening?

Does it need the Grace of a Master or a Guru?

Why a Yogi is after Kundalini Powers?

Can a Guru transfer his spiritual powers to a disciple? Will it be possible?

What is the difference between a Master’s Grace and Kundalini Energy? Is there any link between the two?

Such questions are very subtle by nature. They are intrinsic. They need deep study and volumes of observation through Yoga. ONLY MEDITATION COULD ANSWER SUCH QUESTIONS. THE ANSWERS WILL BE REVEALED TO THE HEARTS. They are revealisations. Revealisation follows realization. YOGA IS THE BASE FOR BOTH. MERE BOOK KNOWLEDGE PROVES A WASTE.

Doubting is in man’s nature.

Doubting is the key to higher learning.

Analysis of the external world gives scope to analyze the Inner – that shows the way to Self – knowledge.

Inner observation is the base for self – realization.

If a common man put such questions, we treat him as innocent.
If an educated person put the same questions, we consider him philosophical.
If an inquirer question, we adore him as a Truth seeker and a Yogi.
SEE THE DIFFERENCE. THE QUESTION IS THE SAME. The depth of the question varies with the caliber of the questioner. It shows his earnestness, his inquisition for higher learning, his enthusiasm for Self Knowledge – All put together, one is said to be in “SEARCH FOR TRUTH”. We find such persons in – among us. But they think differently and they live differently. They love something else, which the ordinary world knows not.

SINGULAR KNOWLEDGE DOES NOT HELP SELF-REALIZATION. Here ‘KNOWING’ is important – not Knowledge. Knowing by experience opens the doors of the Self. That will be authentic and authoritative. There will be no truth in the second hand knowledge. The knowledge relating to God and Creation is always mystic. It is abstract. No proof can be shown in this respect, in support of any mystic happening.

Regarding Kundalini, one may have a thousand doubts and ask a thousand questions. Who can give an answer? Only an experienced person can answer. One experience will cover a mantle on many doubts. Straight questions will find no straight answers. Till to-day no Yogi or a Saint with high reputation had given straight answers.

A little experience in Yoga will give tremendous confidence – That Self-confidence supported by Satisfaction give impetus to Self Knowledge – which is authentic. That is what we call ‘WISDOM’ – ‘PRAGNA’ is Higher Intelligence. All this and more, we have to achieve by our own effort. It should not be benevolent act of some one. First of all, we should have a sensation in our hearts, some anxiety in mind, some uneasiness towards the world and its existence. Then some doubts arise in mind. They transform into questions. Those questions become queries. Those queries give scope to inquiry. That inquiry becomes quest ultimately.



Kundalini is Divine Power of God in us.

NIDHI PARKASH | Mon, 05/31/2010 - 21:51