The Mystery of Death

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Death is the greatest enigma in life. It has baffled humankind from times out of mind. And yet despite all attempts to solve the , it has remained as mysterious as ever before. The Saints ... know the shadowy character of death. They teach us that death is not what it seems. It is a joyous birth (born again) into a life more beatific than we ever dreamed of here. It is just as sun sets on this side of the globe and rises in the other part. They point out and demonstrate to us the way to conquer the seemingly invincible and terrifying death and thus become fear-free. This is the grand lesson that we can get from the Saints.

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Death,the great mystery and embracing the unknown...

Hi Jasdir-I was thinking of writing a blog on this subject myself and really liked yours,simple and pure and rather sweet too!
Death,to me is probably the most fascinating subject of all and of course we can talk and discuss and argue about it,but really until we actually get there,we cannot fully comprehend what the reality is!It's a bit like God him/herself,really, in it's deeply mysterious quality.

I don't personally believe that "death"is even the correct definition,probably!I am actually so curious about this "death"business that Im kind of looking forward to it!

hmmm | Fri, 03/04/2011 - 21:33
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Fear, on the blog.

We are in this body, that because of fear, of loosing it, if there would be no fear. than it could be possible, we must be somewhere else..

What do you think ?


jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 03/05/2011 - 07:32