My weightless ness exp. in the dream

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20th January 2010

Dear Blissful Souls,

I wanted to share with you all, my experience of weightlessness.

Yesterday night I was having a strange experience in the dream.

Yes! It was clearly a dream and also it was as clear as real experience as I still remember it well.

I was dream of standing and was lifted in the air in the same standing posture with one of my leg folded. I was feeling that experience as if it was nothing new and was very comfortable and lifted till the top of the tall roof.

I really don't know but that left me in a very happy and cheering sense.

I am writing this here in Guru's feet blog just to share without any expectations.

For last 6 months I have been getting dreams which I keep remembering for long and some of them have become real as well.

“Our State Chief Minister Dr. Y S Raja Shekar Reddy's death was one of them, it was just 3 days before he met with the death I got the dream early in the morning someone telling me the news of Dr. YSR's death and that happened just in next 3 days. Most importantly as was told in my dream he met with death in the same manner...flying to some village and met with air accident in forest"

Many such dreams are coming, can anyone tell me why this dreams and what do they mean. Do they have any sense in them?

Please Help

Waiting for beloved Guru to hold my hand and take me.



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In most cases, we have dream visions of flying when we are present at our astral journeys. We have astral journeys every night but very rarely being conscious of them. What you describe seems as classical astral journeys and it appears that you reached a level that your consciousness is naturally present then. Where there some meditative practice you were doing just before all this started? Vipassana for example?

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The most important thing to do when you have such a dream is to trace the feelings you had during the dream, usually, it is more or equally important as the happenings themselves.

In any case, it sounds interesting! let it continue and beware not to develop expectations, just let it be...

mula | Wed, 01/20/2010 - 12:58