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Chrism has been my teacher for 5 years. During that time I have worked closely with him promoting his program. I am not a good student and my journey has been tough yet during all this time I have known that his program and his teachings are based on love and service.

We all have our stories and our stories are interpreted from the cultural and religious and belief systems we hold. My story is my story. I know I had to be here with chrism – the road had to be difficult for I have a stubborn and defensive ego. I still do. My take on what is happening now is this:

Shakti is giving all of us lessons. The lessons are hard and deep for she is preparing her army. An army that will lead others into the next form of consciousness. How people are reacting to their stories and the ones being told will determine who will be part of this army. So far I see few that I have known from the past years as being ready. Of course this is my opinion.

How can one purport love when there is no forgiveness- how can one purport love when there is no tolerance and how can one purport love when there is no gratitude. We can debate the issues of who did what to whom and what is right and what is wrong according to our belief systems and concepts yet to what end?

To be fully realized from my understanding one needs to drop all beliefs, all concepts, all ideas, all thoughts. So all of the stories mean nothing when it comes to crossing into what so many seem to want-realization. If one works from love then there is forgiveness, tolerance and gratitude for the lesson. Spewing hatred, revenge, intolerance, non-forgiveness and perpetuating these concepts and feeding off one another in negativity does not serve anyone.

chrism is my teacher. He was chosen for me by my Kundalini. I will tolerate and be grateful for his teachings and guidance.

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I follow chrism

But he asks that I walk beside him not behind him. This has been my experience with chrism kundalini. He sees everyone as an equal person to him and he makes this known through his teachings. As he tells it "Kundalini" is the teacher. lk

Truth_is_not_blind | Thu, 05/24/2012 - 00:07
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Opinion is not Truth

Hi eileenshakti,

You have been long in this forum so without getting into the merits of what is being debated as a particular issue, I just wish to state that truth is not a matter of opinion.

Let us say that one objectively sees something say a strange never seen before animal and points it to his friend going through a jungle trail, it could well be that the friend may not agree if he has had only a fleeting glimpse but in the end if he persists for he too loves nature, the truth of this exotic animal would be known as such without any need for opinions or belief.


joejo | Thu, 05/24/2012 - 02:17