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Dear freinds, i have came in contact with so many siddhas in my life.Today i am telling you about NAGRAJ SWAMI,who's acttual name was swami Bhagwan singh from he is no more,his soul has departed last two years back.we have came in contact with him in year 1997,after searching him for one& half year without knowing his address,whether dead or alive,we have only one link that he is from uttrakhand..Actualy one of our freind.thanik,has met him in 1977 & he was telling us about his magical powers,that when he sits with wall, behind him a shadow of panch mukhi nag appears,as behind lord VISHNU.Also like sai baba he use to lit Deepak with raised natuarly our curosity to have Darshan of him,but we have asked about his whereabouts from our freind,the answer he has given was shocked us,he told us that"i hve not seen swami jee since last 18 years,whether dead or alive,only thing i can tell you that he is a GARHWALI..

After one year we came to know that his two brothers are working in Delhi ,living in parpargunj area.we have treced the house of swami jee brothers.they told us that it is very difficult to meet him because he is a public shy man ,most of the time he use to in sadhna in his cave at BADRINATH,So how you know that he arrived in the village of yours at PAURI GARHWAL district the answer was very surprising"when ever swami jee arrived in village,we get strong smell of chandan in our houses at Delhi,so you give your contact number,whenever we will came to know ,we will inform you .i have asked them" could you tell us how swami jee got this super natural powers,who is his guru?wether he is a shcoler or he has inheritated this from your forefathers".the answer is neither he is a shcoler,nor he is a pandit,he is a driver by profesion,once he has gone to Haridwar with his villagers,after taking bath in Ganga,after doing some small puja,taken meal,came back to his vehicle,thought let take some nap till others peoples came back,he closed his eyes ,after half hours he felt some noise of hs.....hs...hs he opened his eyes,what he saw is a black cobra on his stearing looking at him,as he screamed out of fear ,the black cobra snake bite him on his forehead,he got fainted,he has seen one big hand has taken his body to bottom of river GANGA ,kept his body for three minutes,all of a sudden he felt some body is wispering in his ears,he opened his eyes seen one old sadhu is smiling,& giving him the blessings that"Today nagraj has given you all his blessings,now you got all powers of nag devta,he walk away with one of his defective legs.that saint was LANGRA BABA,WHO'S AGE MUST BE 700 YEARS,his main sadhna place is CHAMUNDA DEVI at Haridwar,he usaly came in public as lame cow,or in night as lame lion.he is most of the time invisible,from that day onwards swami got these powers..

After three months i got the call from his broter that swami jee has arrived in the village named safderkhal in PAURI District.Now our search is for a good driver who can drive the car in hills,because at that time i had no experience for hill area driving,also in hill area you have to park your car on the road,reach the destination by walking through hills,that is why we have choosen the Driver from DEHRADUN,Who knows the local language.i along with my freind Subhas Thanik,who has told me about the swami jee,started our journey towards our destination.