my special thanks to:tirlok ji, nidhi parkash, fasil nazir, genep , water waves & b-friend

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well i have learned some thing from each and every blog of this site, well its difficult for me to spell each and every name, well there are people from different countries on this site, so i found sometime communication gap in the languages, well it is my fault, i am giving my special thanks to dear sir tirlok singh ji, nidhi parkash ji, fasil nazir, mr genep, mr water waves and b-friend for putting up their blogs , well i am thanking all the members of this site for doing their efforts, well i think everybody on this site are trying to memorise god , it does not matter how, well i am giving blessing from my side that each and every member of this site should get rid out of this circle of death & birth and touch enlightenment one day, once again ,thanks all of you, goodbye.

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I thanks for your appriciation

Dear Jasdir i really say thanks to you for your brave move fro bringing true subject and also highlights biter truth about peoples nature on this site.
One thing i adding about this site its better if people puts all their Intellectual Ego one , remove curtain from their eyes due to ego and try to put their spiritual experience across their life in a simple manner instead of running behind to increase their TRP and Karma point offer by this site owner.
If this is self realize by every one than every body on this site will get maximum benefit regarding this huge collection of people whom main aim is to gain spirituality and able to take their holy soul to final destination to meet supreme soul and free from cycle of rebirth after death and also to help maximum of human being before last breathe on this beautiful earth.

Trilok | Fri, 07/30/2010 - 04:15