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Dear Sisi,
You have asked me to comment on two blogs “Just give belief a chance” and “Your most fundamental fears” (

My response to both these blogs is same.
As I have already told you I have firm and unshakeable belief in God.
I pray daily and have experienced many miracles in my daily life.
In fact belief in God, belief in power of prayer and conviction that miracle do happen is ingrained in my psyche, it is part of me…it is there since childhood, may be from the day of my inception. This is “way of life” with me.

I do not need any proof for existence of God….I experience and feel it every second of my life.
Thus “Just give belief a chance” does not mean any thing to me.
And now about “Your most fundamental fears”
I do not know for sure about fundamental fears coded in the Amygdala passing intact from generation to generation for eons…
What I am sure of is unshakeable belief in God, virtues of being a good human being, theory of Karma and power of prayer being inoculated in my psyche since my birth by environment and collective mind of people around me.
Author of “Your most fundamental fears” has suggested two approaches to handle fears viz healing and spiritual awareness and has talked of accepting these fears for making them un effective etc.
I agree that “fear” is the biggest impediment which effect progress of an individual.
Author has said that “there are certain healing and supernatural techniques that may prove effective” and “other approach is spiritual awareness: observing and accepting these fear conditionings, respecting them instead of pointlessly fighting them….etc. etc. etc. “

In my college when we were studying Economics there was this very popular Professor who always begun his class by saying “Economics is common sense made difficult”

In my child hood when I was not able to sleep or was disturbed by a dream and was afraid my mother always advised me to pray…remember God almighty… explaining “HE is the most powerful. Pray to him and all evil thoughts will disappear”. I prayed and had without fail always had sound sleep after the prayer. So when author is talking about certain healing and supernatural techniques and spiritual awareness probably he is talking about this…

I can convincingly tell you from my life time experience that all fears fundamental or otherwise are removed totally if you have firm belief in GOD.

I am not a spiritually advanced person… and thus my thoughts may appear to be “too simplistic” to you, but I believe in keeping my life and mind simple and uncluttered.
That is my reaction to both the blogs…

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This is beautiful what you

This is beautiful what you wrote!

I wish I had this connectedness with god so naturally as you have. You are very lucky to be born and grow up in an environment with such default conditioning of belief. For me, it took a lot of effort and volition to reach such a connectedness.

People sometimes ask me what I find so special in India, they say: after all, the physical environment shouldn't be important, you can develop anywhere... What you wrote is my answer to them: The spiritual collective mind of India makes one's path easier, when you are in india (and I always feelit when i am there), you are influenced by the indian collective mind of belief.

I think you are not aware how spiritually-advanced you are. Spirituality is not quoting from the scriptures or developing intellectual ideas, it is the connectedness from within, and you've got it big time.

Can you elaborate on your experience with miracles?

sisi | Wed, 06/04/2008 - 16:27
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Will appreciate also to hear about the experience with miracles, will be lovely if you could dedicate a blog post for that...

angel76 | Wed, 06/04/2008 - 17:39