My Papalam Religion is a Religion of Life

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Ok, I'm gonna get all my old posts in here, then I'll finally be up to date and won't have any excuse to spend more time dwelling on and writing about my journey... it has been really helpful and focusing in the past, so need to get back into it!

this was 9 months ago...

My Papalam Religion is a Religion of Life

I was thinking last night about the Universal Life Church Religion that I looked at yesterday on the internet… And how does that type of structure relate to me?
I think it's great how anyone can become a minister of it, no matter what their beliefs.
But, for me, I don't think I'll join, as I don't want to be a minister, as, to me, that implies I will give sermons to others, etc. But I don't want to do that, as this is MY religion and not others'. The main process I feel good about sharing, via this blog, is the process of building my religion… Spiritual creativity!
Anyway, it got me thinking… I say it IS a religion I'm making, and a religion does imply a group, or some kind of structure I belong to. What do I belong to? Well… With this Papalam energy coming into my inner and outer life I do feel so much more connected to Life… Actually feel part of everything, really part of it! In my earlier faiths the physical world was something to be escaped from, withdrawn from to find inner peace. Consciousness was HE, Brahma, etc… And the world, Creation was She, prakrti, etc… And she was a bit of a temptress, Eve, concept too… She was cool, but not as cool as the Man of the House, Brahma… Now, this was just my faith's use of these concepts, not the be all and end all… But that was my faith, my reality… What I like about Papalam, is She is the cool one now… And She is sort of both concepts… She is the super Source, but with the local 'creativity' energy of planet Earth. This belief has changed my relationship to my physical reality in a good way… I feel close, I feel affection for Physical Reality, of which I have the honor of being part of.
So, back to my question… If this is a Religion I am creating, then what is the club? What is the group I belong to?


The creative expression.


The group to which I belong is all that Life is! I like it. One of the big draw-cards of organized religion is you get to belong, to join and feel part of something bigger and more powerful than yourself.. Which is a natural human need, I think. So I belong to Life! That makes me feel very powerful… And honoured… And bestows responsibility too. I am part of this, part of the Universe, part of the greater plan. The creativity within me is Papalam's strongest voice… Humans are the most creative beings on Earth… It is a responsibility to be human… To allow that creativity to flow in a natural way… Which I believe will also feel really good when it does! So, it's a win-win.
Walking my daughter to school today I was just watching Life around me… In her tripping and laughing at herself, and me laughing with her.. In the slightly cooler late summer morning, but with the delightful warmth of sun… In the sun sparkling from the bit of glass I nearly stood on…
It feels so good to feel more connected to Life. I have always felt a bit of an outsider… Like I didn't belong. But this Papalam thing is really helping to soothe that. It is so nice to meditate on that sense of belonging to Earth, to Reality. I do it a lot when I am flying (which I do a lot of these days!)… In fact I think it was flying around the world in 5 weeks that really catalysed this process of creating my religion… It's like, by flying a complete circle around Earth, I claimed her, and much much stronger, She claimed me! I fly to China end of this week, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm sure there is some energy thing going on when you are up flying… I think it's because you are up out of the main Earth energies, and more into the Galactic energies (and I don't just mean this in a 'spiritual' way, I mean Gamma rays, the Sun's Elecrtro-magnetic field, etc, too!) Just feels like the vibe is different… And for me, I do get a lot of moments of realisiton and strong emotion when flying. Going to the Moon must be amazing!!
So, summing up… My religion is Life. So all you people reading this are actually already part of my religion! Oops, bit of a paradox there… But this religion is just for ME, other's can't 'follow' it.... but they can adapt it to suit themselves (as I have done with bits of other religions, etc into my religion) , take what is of use, etc... and own it... it isn't mine... only i use 'mine' you use 'yours!'

Oh well… I like the general concept, feels a fundamental belief to me.. Creates a positive feeling of Oneness. We are all part of Life. Helps reduce judgement in me when I try to feel, as a default thought, that we are part of Papalam.

Time for breakfast!


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God purposefully created us in this earth with a unique Quality

You have a beautiful mind...nice to read what you are exploring within every moment with watchfulness.The most beautiful part of it is that you are sharing your inner beauty with others...that is called connectedness.

What i feel with my inner instinct that God has created each being in this universe with some special qualitiy(Creativity)...each one of us is different from each other...but that unique quality which is seeded within us is to be cultivated is the main purpose of our life. In spite of different qualities...we have a great relation among us...which help us to manifest the real dream plan of God...that has to be realize by us is the real beauty of living in this material world...with the consciousness of God's will.

bonya basu | Mon, 12/12/2011 - 09:46