my mothers caged soul

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fear is harmfull to ones soul and is a roadblock to a peacefull life.

i am observing some of the souls of my closest family members wilt due to fear.
my mother has built a cage for her soul to live in constructed with bars of dought, nervousness, worrieng, and stress. she worries excessivly about not having enough retirement money for her and her husband to live on comfortably. yet currently posess two exspessive houses a couple cars and lots of exspesive possesions.
my mother is dying more then she is living every day. being locked in a confused state of mind is keeping her chained to resposibilities that are causing the decline of her health and happieness.
i am her son and i will never stop trying to release her from the material illusions of samsara and there inability to provide true happieness, liberation, and love.

if anyone has ideas on how i might be able to liberate my mothers soul and restore the life in her please feal free to share. i would love to see my mother full of more faith and less fear.

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Suppose there are two jars of water, One cold, One Normal,
If we put our hand in the jar of cold water for five minitues and then in the jar of hot water, we will feel the normal water as HOT,

Similarly, There are luxries & unwanted needs which man has created for the convinence ourself or name fame, So one cannot instantaly bear a normal life, sepecially in old age,

These are also called deeds or Karmas which one have to pay, because one faces more difficulties in leading a simple, normal or an average life, if he or she is used to luxaries or name famed life,

Every person of the family have differnt deeds to pay,
So we cannot force anybody specially elders to librate his or her soul from unwanted worries or fears in the life,(All that is because of deeds & karmas)

In the true sence we ourself are not fully librated, So how can we sugesst others to librate, moreover clearly we also don't know that day by day we ourself are librating or bonding in the illusion,

Somehow, Only the person who is librated from all the bondages of the world or illusion can truely help others,
But! that person can only help, who is ready to walk on the path with all difficult efforts & wholeheartedly,

Well, Mr: "Hart" or "Soul", This much,
I hope that you are understanding my point gently,


jasdir singh jaura | Wed, 10/20/2010 - 09:47
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thank you

love to you

thank you very much for your time and wisdom. What i am taking from your words is that i must let her live out her life in her current situation. I guess i was hoping that i could do or say something to shift the tracks and send the train down a different line.

hart and soul | Wed, 10/20/2010 - 12:01
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Mothers Caged soul

You cannot liberate your mothers soul, you can only be a shinning example, displaying in your own life all you desire for your mother.
Just love your mother unconditinally.

Ganapati | Thu, 01/06/2011 - 00:12