From my Kundalini Library - the social dynamic of a kundalini awakening

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Kundalini and the social dynamic in the West
written by Master Chrism:

The qualities of an awakening will be mitigated by the cause of the awakening.

I would suggest that it would depend upon "how" the Kundalini is awakened i.e. gradually with preparation or suddenly as in an accident.

Most children (small) would be able to relate to it well as they share some of the visual phenomena anyway.

They are free to accept phenomena because eveything is new and they do not suffer the necessary judgments that can alter perceptions.

It can get harder as we get older to accept new or unexpected phenomena.

For a person in the midst of a "severe and sudden awakening" they can have problems dealing with the responsibilities of working and family and all the societal obligations that come from living in the west.

Having visions of the Christ or Buddha attending the same meeting you are in at work can be somewhat disorienting.

Its even worse if you mention what your seeing, which many do, and "off they go!" Instant vacation or sick leave or an invitation to an institution or a lay off etc.

So it is important to keep some things to yourself and in regards to the awakening Kundalini that would be most of what is experienced.

If you are awakening and your spouse is not that can bring on some more interesting challenges.

Baking your spouse in bed due to Kundalini heat and emanation being one of them.

This along with the tremendously amplified sexual response and or emotional mood swings.

If you are not aware of or practicing any safety protocols, this can become a source of strain.

Being open and communicative about the process is very helpful to this situation though.

If your spouse is open to discussing it that is.

If the process is slower and intentional and safety protocols are being observed diligently then many of these scenarios can be skipped.
Then it becomes a wondrous journey of inner and outer exploration.

It is extremely tactile, not particularly like a fluffy bunny New Age experience, but it can feel tremendously good!

Or not, depending upon your practice and lack of resistance.

OBEs and many altered modes of sensate experiences can be directly received.

These are called in Sanskrit "Siddhis" these are skills that can come like telepathy or healing or clairvoyance, psychokinetics, 360 degree vision, bilocation, remote viewing.

Teachings and guidance from spiritual beings can be given.

The skills (Siddhis) are not to be sought after as they can become a distraction from the path of higer spiritual evolution.

They will come however and the focus is not in their attainment, but they can be useful at times as you walk the path.

Kundalini Awakening or Rising is a permanent path.

It doesn't go away so if you go there be prepared to have it for the rest of your life.

I have had for many years and it is a great experience!

But it can be very traumatic if you do not understand what is occurring and this is where most people get into trouble.

There is a group here called Kundalini Awakening Systems 1 and safety protocols are given there free of any charges.

Others that are inside of an awakening of the Kundalini are there and you can read their experiences. –
blessings all - chrism