my Kundalini Awakening through Shaktipat

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I trust that many of you reading this have found Yogi Madan’s post/blogs inspiring and or intriguing. I was and am very much taken aback by Sir’s openness and straight forward honesty in responses in posts and blogs.
This is taken from my first email to Yogi Madan :
“I have never sought a Guru before, as you may have come to see that Western society has tainted the words Guru from it's true meaning thus robbing both sincere Guru and disciple from reaching their chance encounters. But I have also been told that when a true seeker is ready and Teacher will be there waiting.”
I never felt that anyone one I found was a true of heart Guru. And I was just as cautious as I see many on this site are. If you are one that is, I suggest you go through Yogi Madan’s blogs and read through the blogs regarding Sir’s Lineage. And understand that you are in the presence of a great gift that was nearly lost but through selfless devotion these great Gurus have made this wonderful blessing available to us, they only ask that you seek it with a true heart.
I contacted Yogi Madan through email and was very hopeful that my search for a true of heart Guru was not in vain. Yogi Madan responded and we set an agreed upon date and time when I was to receive my initiation of Shaktipat. Here I share with you six days of my experience:

Day1: Promptly at the agreed time I sat in my make shift meditation room. I was a bit nervous and did my best to keep an open mind and have faith in Yogi Madan.
Just as I sat down and began to take deep breaths it sounded as if many bees where in the room with me. Then slowly My body began to tremble uncontrollably. I did my best to keep praying and in the midst of the body trembles I felt the presence of two great Gurus, one on my right side and the other on my left meditating with me. Then I felt a great energy rise up from the bottom of my spine all the way up to my chest. It was so powerful that I felt like I could not breathe. My heart was beating fast. I did my best to stay calm and surrender to Kundalini. I felt so many energies in my body. Then I saw many images in my mind, some of people I’ve never met before, others where animals like a snake, and eyes. I keep trying to stay focused and allow Kundalini to take over. Then a clear vision came into my mind, I saw clearly that I was in a garden meditating. The vision faded but I was left feeling very blissful and at peace. Then it felt as if someone had their hand on my forehead, it was a slight pressure. Following that my left leg began to ache very bad, while I felt so much energy moving around in my body. Out of my control my torso began to move back and forth then in a circle, then my lower half did the same thing. My eyes flew open, I tired to close them but I could not, I felt like I was only in my body but did not control of it. I laid down in corpse pose and felt more energy moving and centered at my 2 chakra and slight sensations up my abdomen and in between my eyes. The top of my head began to vibrate. It was nearly 2 and a half hours before I came out of meditation.

Day2: This sitting was much more peaceful and calm. Sometimes I felt a little sad but then happy again. As soon as I sat down to meditate my torso began to move back and forth then in a circle, I moved like this the whole time in meditation. The movements felt very snake like, the whole time I felt very blissful. I felt vibrations at the bottom of my spine then it started to burn all the way up to my chest, I felt energy moving on the right and left side of my spine, with right side being strongest. I felt pressure on my for head and the top of my head. And when the energy is strong in my chest I feel like I can not breathe, but the feeling does not last very long. I saw the image of a woman.
After meditation I felt very peaceful and forgiving of myself and everyone around me. My spine still felt hot. And throughout the rest of the day if I sat still enough Kundalini energy would take over and my body would again begin the movements from earlier in meditation and strong energies at the bottom of my spine would rise up.

Day3: Today's sitting was much more subtle than the first two. As soon as I began to meditate I felt a piercing pain, like someone one burning a hole in the back of my neck and spine. I felt a cool burning sensation in my lower spine that keeps trying to come up and I feel the energy very strong like a million bees buzzing in my spine then come all the way up to the back of my head, but it only lasted for a little bit. I saw more visions of a snake and visions of eyes. I tried to remain focused on meditating.
It felt like there was a great Guru sitting in front of me. Then there was pressure on my forehead and it felt like someone was squeezing my whole heard and my head pulsed three or four times then the feeling was gone. After that I think I went into a trance (partially awake and asleep) and then I had a vision of a garden and a great master was sitting on a lotus flower with many petals, he was very old and was wearing a white robe and holding a wooden staff, he had white and gray hair and a beard. I was praying at his feet but I was a man. I felt the master was teaching me many great things but I don't know what. I don’t know how I know he is a master and I've never seen his image before in my life. Then I felt Kundalini very strong in my spine and my body jerks and my breathing changed to be more deep.
After meditation I had mixed emotions, I felt great sadness(I was on the verge of tears) but also a deep compassion for Mother Earth in my heart while in my head I felt peaceful. It was confusing me.

Day4: Today in meditation it was easier to keep my mind focused. And it seems that I hear more sounds now, I can hear all of the birds singing outside and feel the vibration of each car passing by. I felt as though my body was being pulled in many directions, I was not sure if I was moving or if the ground beneath me was moving. It was a very strange feeling. I also felt a light cool wind on my face and when I breathe it in it was very cool and sweet and felt very pure. I saw visions again of eyes and snakes, but this time small bright blue dots where in my visions. Sometimes they where the pupils in the eyes and sometimes they where the eyes on the snake shinning bright. And sometimes there where many of them. I felt like Kundalini was releasing blockages in my upper back, especially on the right side of my spine. Then I felt a strong energy in my lower back, the energy tickled me and I laughed. Sometimes my hands feel numb and cool burning sensation all over my body that felt very pleasant. I did not feel sad like yesterday, today I felt calm and peaceful inside. I felt very connected with the universe. I also felt strong sensation on the top of my head like many tiny needles and my upper back. And also a sense of restlessness, like I can not sit still for too long, I needed to move around and be with plants and nature.

Day5: Today's sitting was again a subtle one. I feel mainly energy in my upper spine, back and shoulders. I felt like I was falling asleep but still awake and aware. Then I heard two drum like sounds in my right ear and I sat up straight. Then I felt like Kundalini was adjusting the way I was sitting. I felt intense pressure and burning like pain in my neck. I tried to move my neck to relieve some of the pressure but I could not! I felt a little bit scared. Then it was like a hot straight light was inserted from the top of my head down all the way down my neck then to the root of my spine. The top of my head felt like someone was pushing it down. Again I had visions of eyes and bright blue dots. I felt so much energy moving around it was hard to sit still, like Kundalini wanted me to move around jump, run, sing, dance all at the same time. I felt pressure inbetween my eyes and then my head began to hurt. Then Kundalini moved me to bow many times and the pressure was released a little. Sometimes I would feel strong energy powerful wanting to rise up from the bottom of my spine, it feels like I might die because it is to strong for my body to take. But I remain calm and tell myself that if I die it is only my physical self not my soul. My body is also jerking from time to time. And again it feels like the ground is moving beneath me, as if I am being shaken.

Day6: Today in sitting my experience was very strong. I felt so much energy in my spine and body. My body could not stop jerking and shaking. So much energy shoot from the bottom of my spine like a fountain, it felt painful and blissful at the same time, I laughed and then I wanted to cry. My body move to bow many times and I asked for blessings, I don't know why I asked but it felt like a natural thing to do. After I feel very peaceful and I feel much compassion.

This is my true experience with Shaktipat and Kundalini awakening. I hope that me being open about my experience I’ve helped others be open and have faith that Yogi Madan is indeed a true to heat Guru. Sir has been very nurturing during my whole experience. Sir was not judgmental or absent in emotion. I am on the seekers path to self-realization and Yogi Madan never told me I was on the wrong path or try to force me into a certain belief. Yogi Madan’s blessing of Shaktipat has been like a map for me. I have great respect and deep gratitude towards Yogi Madan.

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Beautiful and Courageous Sharing


I loved reading about your Kundalini awakening experience. How wonderful! You are so blessed to have had such a strong and long lasting initiation. 6 days! wow!

The blue dots you saw were the blue pearl or Nila Bindu. The blue pearl is God´s manifestation of himself in a easily recognizable form. It is the abode of the infinite consciousness. Once kundalini is awakened you will see these blue lights for the rest of your life, especially in meditation and sometimes spontaneously in your field of vision in waking open eyed moments.

Please visit these 2 sites

for other people´s accounts of Blue Pearl visions.

I have only found these two sites with blue pearl accounts.

My most beautiful blue pearl vision led to a direct encounter face to face with Jesus Christ on April 1st, 2005.
In your account there was a white robbed man, was it not Jesus?

In any case you are well on your way to spiritual growth now. Keep meditating daily and you will continue to be shaped and transformed from the inside out.

My goal in life is to merge with the blue pearl and never come back to this world! All in due time.

Omkar Blue
Seeker of the day-to-day experience of Consciousness,
Creative and Compassionate Co-creation, and
Merger with the Blue Pearl

omkarblue | Fri, 02/06/2009 - 05:06