my kundalini awakening and finding my teacher chrism

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When I had my Kundalini awakening event it happened spontaneously and without warnning ~

I knew nothing about Kundalini ~
I did not do yoga ~
I did not meditate~

I had an amazing experience on a beautiful Greek island. For some weeks afterwards I was on a bliss trip with the Divine that had exploded into my life and in a very real way into my living body.

When I came down from that high , the very strange phenomena I was experiencing began to create a huge fear in me as my ego consciousness self began to reinstate its authority with a vengeance.

I felt that maybe I was going crazy ~ although at the very same time my higher self knew I was not.

I had no religious or cultural reference for the extra ordinary event and subsequent phenomena that had happened to me, that is until I was led to Chrism and his website ~

for it was only then that I realised what happened to me was a kundalini rising/awakening and that this had been experienced by others all over the world and I most definitely was not going crazy ~ words cannot express what that discovery meant to me.

Now in 2012 my process continues and I am blessed to have master Chrism as my teacher.

If even one person who is going through a kundalini awakening finds this blog and discovers helpful and relevant information for their pwn personal experience , then I will be glad and happy that I have written this blog and shared something of my own experiences and the gift of Master Chrism's writings ~

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Chrism chrism chrism

I could say the name of my teacher as a mantra into eternity. So very thankful to him and his kundalini. - JT

Jonathan True | Tue, 06/12/2018 - 01:35