My initiation - Madanji’s gift to me

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Following my Shaktipat experience (, I was eager to meet Madanji. He himself invited me to visit him in Gurgaon (Suburb of Delhi). I met Madanji on 29th of May 09 (Friday) at his residence. We sat together for meditation that evening. I felt that about half an hour passed in meditation before Madanji informed us that we meditated for over 2 hours. Movements/Kriyas happened as mentioned in my earlier Shaktipat experience. Little did I know that I had surprises in store for the following day’s meditation sessions.

We decided to meditate again next day morning. Among the kriyas that had been happening during meditation, I started crying. Crying like never did before. Cryied in a strange voice and manner which I can’t identify with myself or my personality. My explanation is that we identify ourselves with our false selves. Our identities as XYZ from ABC working as GHI are not true. It is revelation to know how God loving and different our real selves(souls) are.

Again on the same evening, when we sat for meditation, I experienced another strange experience. All the time, during meditation, Madanji used to play delightful bhajans(devotional songs). I was paying little attention to bhajans and immersed in other thoughts. All of a sudden, I started dancing, dancing in rhythm matching the music of bhajans; as if someone inside me is enjoying the bhajans thoroughly. This continued for more than 40 minutes. During our meditation sessions which included Vikas, a young engineer in his mid twenties from Noida, Madanji repeatedly transmitted shakti by placing his hand over the head. I experienced twirls inside my head during this, experiencing excess energy in my head. On Saturday, Madanji also transmitted energy through breath.[(pranapat??) Similar to -] . I remember, a disciple sitting behind me responding to it by long breaths for almost 20 minutes. When Madanji came to me and transmitted to me, I started taking involuntary deep breaths for few minutes. I am sure, I can never take such deep breaths voluntarily. On the following day(31-5-09), Madanji initiated me after offering prayers to all the great Gurus of the order.

All the conversations we had between Madanji, myself, Vikas and others enriched my knowledge about various spiritual practices. I am grateful for Madanji and his family for the hospitality and care he had shown during my stay in Gurgaon. He is a real guru in that he is loving, selfless and has the ability to guide and initiate on spiritual path. The whole experience not only increased my confidence in Shaktipat as a technique but also helped me realize in first hand how our souls are God loving and are very different from the fake identity which we identify ourselves with. He has truly given an invaluable gift to me and many others.

PS . Stumbled upon this article

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Doesn't sound authentic to me

All this recent attack of sudden reports of thanks to madan gautam seem to me very suspicious.

Smells like an orchestrated initiative by the guru himself sending them to post here their thankful reports here.

dank | Sat, 07/25/2009 - 21:28
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Dear friend,
The purpose of writing this article is to make people aware of the technique and genuine gurus guiding today.

I appreciate your scepticism, in this era of marketing spirituality for self gains, we need to be sceptical about anyone who professes to have cracked the spiritual secret and wants to share with you. Like for example marketing geniuses but fakes such as

I can vouch for Madanji. He is a selfless man determined to make shaktipat popular once again. He is determined to give more and people the technique he used and benefitted from. Tell me, in this age of selfishness and greed, how many such people are there who are determined to share what they have, expecting no benefits in return? If you are suspecting him to be encashing, You are wrong. I am, in return indebted to him not only for his initiation but also for the numerous meals I had at his house. I only exchanged a minimal number of fruits in return.

I am sure you will be better off leaving your suspicion atleast about this man. To discuss or question further, you can email me on or speak to me on +919973761977

Syam | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 05:01
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Invitation to you dank,
Why you are suspicious about all this Divine grace?
If you are also interested in Awakening then I would like to invite you also,as I am inviting others to come and join me and experience the hidden treasurer in your inner self.
You are most welcome.
Have faith,surrender and devotion and you will Awaken.

madan_gautam | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 02:31
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Warning signs

There are proper ways to invite and more properly allow people to come if they find their way to come and there are manipulative ways like organizing these naive lambs to make these reports.

There is nothing wrong (I hope) in your activity of presumably helping to awaken the shaktipat for others. There are many teachers who do it. The negative thing is your probable over desire to do it and the manipulative way you chose by using these people to promote it. You are supposed to know that the energy associated with the way you try to push it influences the purity of the shaktipat process itself.

Jasmin | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 07:52
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Lambs or Lions ?

A true seeker is never a lamb but a lion.
I can understand your pain .

madan_gautam | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 09:59
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I have intiated by Gurudev Deepak Yogi and after his Samadhi I use to do meditation under Sh. Madan Mohan Gautam ji He is very much capable of Shakitpat recently I have got all the experiences of energy flow doing meditation under him in the month of July . He is perfect Guru in the present scenario

pradeepkatoch | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 10:01
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Going by your logic, everyone who has taken time to spread the good message/technique, be it Baba Ramdev, be it the numerous Bhagad gita recitors should also be contained. And applying the same logic TV channels like Aastha and Samskar should be banned for inspiring people and guiding them on the right path.

What's wrong if Madanji wants to inspire as many people as possible and share the genuine technique to help scores of people? It will only benefit more people. Ramdev's teaching yoga will not influence the purity of yoga and so does Madanji's spreading Shaktipat will dilute the purity of the technique.

Syam | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 02:43
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Sh. Madan ji is givining practical experiences without any cost and if anybody wants practical expereinces and theoritical will join him

pradeepkatoch | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 04:51