My Guru sant shri. Miratai Maharaj

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Spirituality of Inchgiri sampraday was begins from Adbangnath then to Kadsiddheswar maharaj and still date the spread of this sampraday is continuous.The only sampraday which actually helps to meet you with god.

My guru shri.sant Miratai maharaj is shishya of sant shri.Tukaram kawale maharaj. Also Kawale baba wa spiritually enlighten from Shri Madhavanand Prabhuji.My parents takes GURUMANTRA from shri Kawale baba too.

Sant Shri Miratai Maharaj is still continuing to provide Gurumantra's to make a new sunshine in the life of folks who wish to meet a God.Her stay is in shikhar shinganapur and Pandharpur too.

Lots of families was actually happy with blessings from her and enlighten their spirits.

I am also one of them. And hence thankful with my guru.