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Om Sai ram!
I am Aarpita a sai bhakt. I have something very interesting experience of mine to share with you all Sai bhakt like me. i have recently visited to a Guru ji in delhi.His name is Guru Lokeshanand Ji.He is one of the devotee of Shirdi sai baba. I met him in one of the Sai baba mandir in east delhi.I attended his shivir there to heal my back pain. He has got the extremely high spiritual powers from Shirdi sai baba himself at the Dwarka mai in shirdi while he was meditating there with his family.I have experienced that healing power during that shivir . it was amazing and very effective. within few minutes he cured lots of people's pain(physical & emotional). me too was blessed there with Sai baba's strong healing my back pain is almost finished. i am not feeling it from last 2 days.after attending the shivir.he gave secret knowledge of that power by teaching and also transform that energy into our body through Shaktipat. it was a good experience and a must visit shivir for all of us