My experience of Kundalini Awakening through Shaktipat with yogi madan gautam part--2

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Today's Shaktipat went well with a difference. There were less physical movements. It took longer for me to feel the Energy but She did come. It was more mental this time. Actually I was a little worried because I woke up with bad nausea this morning and (tiredness as well) and I wondered if my stomach could take more shaking up. But I was prepared for anything.

I had my eyes closed and felt the impact from the crown of my head when She descended upon me. She shook me up a bit and drunken feeling came but there was less thrashing around this time. I did have the urge to spit out the "f" words and there was some hissing and high-pitched noises but not with the same intensity like Monday. She kept moving me backwards and forwards and I felt my upper body being pushed down over my knees several times. While down with my eyes closed, I would see the colour blue - a deep dark, rich blue in various patterns. Once or twice, I saw this blue colour in a pattern of indescribable beauty with tiny points of lights in other colours sparkling in the collage. Another time I saw the same blue in a mechanical design that wasn't pretty. When I attempted to raise my head with my eyes still closed, I would see red everywhere in the form of a huge red sun shining at me.
She was very quiet at times and I would also close my eyes during these moments. I would see an inner sky with waves of beautiful multi-coloured clouds rolling across each other. Once I saw pink and at other times, I saw blues, greys and greens. It was quite stunning. I recall seeing an avenue of yellow lights as well.
At the end of the session, she shook me up again, rotated my body until the chair shaked a bit and then She left.

As usual I gave thanks for the Blessing of Her Grace and to all who helped me in the initiation.

Well today was different. There was very little physical movement although I did get rolled around a bit ...but no dancing or hands and feet moving in different direction. There were a few hard breath exhalations and a few facial contortions. The feeling of drunkeness was not as intense as before. It was largely mental in that I had inner experiences similar to those I have in meditation. I closed my eyes and saw the inner sky with multi-coloured waves of spectacular dimensions. I felt the energy descend upon money every time I prayed to Her. I felt light.
So there you have it. Thank you again for the patience and time and I also express deepest gratitude to Mother Kundalini Shakti and the gurus of the Siddha lineage for their grace.

I trust that you are well. Day five of Shaktipat went well. There were more physical movements today than yesterday and I felt Mother Kundalini more intensely although not as intensely as Monday. I found myself singing all kinds of silly little songs, in languages I don't understand. Most of it must have been nonsense but the urge to sing was very strong. There was a little shaking up and rolling around as well. I felt myself exhaling very strongly at times and a gutteral sounds came from my throat. I felt myself spitting out words beginning with "f" again. At one time She made me jump up and down for about a minute. At another time She made me shout out loud for a second.
There fewer mental experiences today but I felt light bordering on a gentle form of detached bliss. The feeling of drunkeness was there and it stayed with me for up to 20 minutes after the session ended at 2 pm (my time).

So there you are...once more my deepest gratitude to you, the Mother and Gurus of the Siddha lineage.

Yesterday, the last day of Shaktipat went well. There were fewer physical movements and almost no mental experiences. I felt myself singing, yawning and moving around my arms and feet a bit. I was feeling a little low in spirits in spirits before I started but after I completed the session, I felt better. Now I will continue my prayers and meditation and see what happens. I intend to visit to visit India later this year or next year and I shall be considering some of the ashrams I see listed on your links.

So there you are.... once again thank you so much for your assistance. Thanks to as well Mother Kundalini Shakti and the gurus of the Siddha Lineage. If there is anything that you wish me to do for you, please let me know. I shall give a small offering to the homeless as a debt of gratitude for this awakening.

Many thanks,