My experience of Kundalini Awakening through Shaktipat with yogi madan gautam part--1

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Yogi Madan was kind enough to offer me Kundalini Shaktipat awakening. I am a westerner living in the Caribbean who has only connected with Yogi Madan via email and one telephone call. I didn't know what to expect but I had been hoping for a Shaktipat experience for years. But I was aware that most authentic Indian yogis shun westerners and I wasn't very hopeful. More so when I realized that it would be a remote experience (long distance). But I decided to follow his instructions and I was amazed by my experience. Here are the details:

Everything went amazingly well. I was overwhelmed with the "power" of Mother Shakti. Within five minutes of sitting down, my upper body began to roll around and I felt my hands grow hot. There were some pin pricks in my shoulder and a pain ran through my right leg (which pains me because I jog regularly). Then I felt my arms and legs out of control, going in different directions. My hands began to shake uncontrollably during the sessions I had to get up at one point and begin a jerky dance routine. I felt my inner thighs hitting each other during the thrashing around. My feet also began to stomp around of their own accord. Then I felt myself being pushed downward and then pulled back upwards and in between my upper body would keep rolling around. I felt like I was drunk most of the time, slurring my words.

I sang silly songs, made funny high-pitched noises like an ambulance siren and then roared quietly like a lion. Then I began acting like a baby, gurgling, and calling"mama". At one point in time I found myself uttering only words beginning with the letter "f" such a fuggy, flew, fooh, fley etc. I also made a lot of gutteral sounds from my throat as if I were trying to free something stuck in there. At times I felt myself screaming but in a subdued way so only I could hear myself.

In the first 30 minutes or so, I was sweating a lot and felt my clothing becoming damp. Afterwards, I cooled off a bit. The energy stayed with me for approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes with a few short breaks in between, none lasting more than 2 minutes. Every time I prayed to Kundalini Shakti, She came back and I felt Her energy coursing through me again making my arms and legs move about without control. I think She was actually listening to me! I felt very nauseous for about an hour and more than once I made my way to the sink to vomit but nothing came up.

At 2.00 pm my time, I was so exhausted I had to lie down. I gave thanks to the Mother, the Lineage Gurus and your kind self for helping me with this awakening.

All of this is very astounding, given the fact that anyone who knows me will tell you that I am very conservative in my behaviour - very prim and proper. I speak very softly and I don't drink, eat meat or go out dancing and I never shout. And yet, there I was under the influence of Mother Kundalini acting very contrary to my usual behaviour!

However, at the end of the session I just felt lighter and 'cleaner' not necessarily blissful.

I also noted that I began feeling lighter in the morning even before you started your prayers and invocations. In fact I noticed a few beneficial things happening that were not expected - concerning mundane matters. I don't know if there is a connection or it is just coincidence.

Well the second day was fine and very similar to the first day. There was less thrashing around with the hands and feet and fewer gutteral sounds but still enough to make me tired at the end of the session. She rolled me around and there were intervals with intense leg movements. The "f' sounds continued and at times I felt myself hissing like an angry snake or singing in a high pitched tone.The overall feeling of drunkeness stayed with me throughout the session. Whenever I tried to tie my hair up, Mother Kundalini would shake me from side to side until my hair came cascading down - almost as if She didn't want the hair tied up. There were a few heavy inhalations and exhalations. I had more mental experiences this time with a feeling of whizzing through the cosmos. The feeling of nausea was present and I suspect it might be connected to the vigorous upper body movements which gave me motion sickness. (I suffer from motion sickness when I drive through high altitudes). I drank some water and the nausea disappeared.
At the end of the session, I gave thanks to Mother Kundalini, the Lineage Gurus and your good self.

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This testimony is convincing

Whoever wrote this has said he/she is from the Caribbean. I feel this is a genuine testimony because the person according to him/her is from an English speaking country and the good English in which it is written bears it out.

phantom being | Mon, 12/07/2009 - 08:23