My experiance with Yogasakti

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I attended RPT’s one day course on the 18th of December 2005 for a fee of RM730. I never looked back since. At the age of 16, I developed chronic asthma. A regular dose of Ventolin and Theophylline was a necessity. A day couldn’t go by without it. Ice water, ice cream, dust was taboo. Those who were allergy-free were the object of my envy. Yogasakthi was like a ray of sunshine in my life. From the day I attended the seminar, my asthma way cured and it has not recurred since. I am now free of Ventolin and Theophylline. What could not be cured through modern medicine was almost effortlessly cured by Yogasakthi. Being rid of asthma was such a relief to me and life is such a joy now.
Apart from my medical history, my spiritual upliftment was indeed an amazing experience. I’ve never been a temple goer from the age of 12. Being the staunch non-believer in the powers of the Almighty, the change induced in me through my meditation is really unbelievable. Constant meditation has really been an eye-opener and made me realize in the powers of God. For the first time, I can really say that Hinduism is a beautiful religion. I am now a disciplined temple goer and prayers are a way of life for me.
On a financial note, the goal setting technique is really result-oriented. I have literally tripled my income in both my business areas, that is insurance and tuition. I’m actually in a position where I have to turn down clients and students due to high volume. Though my first degree and masters are in chemical engineering, i owe myself to Yogasakti for guiding me to make a right choice. I love my current job, work 4 days with 5 figure income !

The negative deleting technique has enabled me to rid myself of unfavourable traits and develop a more positive outlook. I have to admit that changing one’s character is a very difficult thing but through constant meditation, it seemed almost effortless. I only have Yogasakthi to thank for.

I owe all this to His Divine Grace Dato’ Seri Guruji, without whom my life will still be in shambles. With Yogasakthi, I can look forward to greater spiritual and material development.

Ganesh Rajhaa

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what exactly made you write

what exactly made you write this? be honest

mula | Sat, 03/20/2010 - 00:37
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The truth


I shared my experience because i know the power is real. The master is real. With so much negative publicity by some ppl; many good people around going to miss the opportunity. I am just trying my level best to prevent that.

The Yogasakti really helped me. Nothing i can do in return to my master then spreading the good message. Imagine how many others actually can benefit. It's sincerely to show my gratitude to my master.

Ganesh Rajhaa

GR | Sat, 03/20/2010 - 18:08