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I've just joined this forum, and at first I was unclear of what I was searching for.
But then I realized: that's just it. I'm searching for myself. Carlos Santana calls himself a seeker. We are all, in a sense, just looking for ourselves in this strange universe we call home.
I have decided to call myself a Seeker, but take my own path to finding myself. I will look at the work of several gurus and spiritual leaders, regardless of their beliefs. I think this was from the movie V for Vendetta, but it's a good quote: I don't have to be (part of a religion) to find its images beautiful or its poetry moving.
Here are my new values:
-Everything is capable of peace, love, and harmony. One may have to dig deep, but will find what they are looking for.
-Through meditation, one can find thoughts that normally would be buried in subconscious. Dreams, meditations, and visions, shall unveil the truth.
-Spiritual realisation should not be kept within. One should preach one's realizations to the world through lessons, poetry, and music, even if you consider yourself a student, not a teacher. In a sense, everyone is a teacher.
-One should strive for harmony with others, an un-stressful state of mind, power over one's decisions, and knowledge of all religions and spiritualisms.
-No matter what the cause, war and violence is unjustified. If people choose to fight, if you believe in the cause, you should try to convince the soldiers to stop and think of a better way. If you are against the cause, you should find all who agree with you and find a way to peacefully protest.
-You cannot change others, but you can try to help them change themselves.
-You must do what you think is right.

Anyone may choose to disagree with these morals. They are simply my opinion, and my path. I'd be happy to discuss them with you any time. As I continue my journey I'll keep adding more guide lines.

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Drop the "ke"

This is so beautiful what you wrote, I'm going to think about these proposed new values you mention.

One thing - Riktam Kantu once wrote to a devotee something like "drop the ke and become a seer". When you seek, you see only the object of the seeking, you don't see the way, reality, the marvel, you are focused on the target. And indeed in most cases it's a narcssistic target: myself. This is of course not spiritual, it is just a mischivious pitfal. When you drop even the seeking, you are left only with the seeing. I call myself a seer, not a seeker.

santana | Thu, 11/24/2011 - 15:41
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What's in a name?

I think that you make a good point. Having an open mind and taking in everything is invaluable.
However, the only reason I say seeker is because I think I've heard the term "seer" as someone who can see into the future, or having other magic eyes in that sense. A mythical term I know, but that's why I call myself a seeker.

NHL | Sat, 11/26/2011 - 17:25