Music in devotion...

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Music has always been a part of my life. All types of genres have been enjoyed. I used to sing all the time everywhere I went then when K came it stopped for the most part. Started to listen to some chants and devotional music. Not like I used to though. Now and then the songs do come back lately abit find myself singing randomly.

With the CD of chrism "Kundalini Sacred Music" I began to listen to it all the time in the car and I was in the car alot it seemed. His music felt good and every time I listened I seemed to connect and listening to the safeties over and over brings out so many subtle nuances.

Then with the ASCENSION song well - this throws me into a state of otherness. Usually I start to cry and just want to be at the feet of my teacher. I told chrism that I just want to go home and home for me is at his feet in devotion. It feels as if that is where I need to be -sometimes I feel am flying somewhere (uplifting). This has come on since being out here this last time. Devotion has been more emphasized and it is the first activity that I can really relate to. There have been discussions on devotion and some understand it and others do not. There is no misunderstanding in my self. chrism to me represents Kundalini and my Kundalini responds to his.

Devotion seemed rather foreign then I remembered growing up Catholic and going to mass daily - feeling a connection to something- wanting to devote my life to god - was really thinking of becoming a nun. Partly because I was not comfortable in normal society and partly because I did feel a calling.

That calling again came up when K arrived. Strong and insistent - it has waned over time yet when the music comes on it is there just as strong and stronger than ever. The music and words sound and feels so familiar.