mujhe jeene do! or Let me live!

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"mujhe jeene do " is an himdi film i saw far back in 1994
now in desperation, the brain yells "let me live"

Let me live .... for i am human...
let me live... for i have message...(for humanity)
let me live.... for i too am mortal...
let me live....for i too have desires...
let me live...for i wished heaven for humanity..
let me live...for i started wishing well being for all.
let me live...for already things have crossed the red
line of suffering...
let me live...for what u sow will come back to u many times.
let me live...for thats logically correct.

They torture me by "b effect" regularly and i say
"satyam tapah shraddhayaam juhomi"
"i go through suffering by truth and austerity"

next brain says slowly but feebly "this too shall pass"

this poem was designed with much more lines in 1994
stating the helplessness of creatures....

the tree has right to live but we men kill it for growth.
the animals have right to live we kill forest for growth...
the poor has right to live for thus how world is designed..

but one great man or sould has designed universal moral commandments that becomes the "yard stick of judgement"

"mujhe jeene do" might be the cry of all beings in desperation and who knows for that alone i was forced to take 14yrs cheeseless life eventough palmistry show much more capacity...."

in helplessness every being cry "let me live"

in pain and soberity,

me thinks:
a man not earning is much more pain when his ideals are high....

as elangovan says "the men in power alone dictate terms"
and i may reconsider my decision to goddess Maya that i shall stand by "justice" then playing "power game".

i yearn "atleast now i may live for 9 years much deeply for i have seen my better half.. atleast now i may earn...but the doors are always closed...i stand cheeseless and could hardly earn and see my family in better state..."

who knows this pain may become curses as wished by dorairaaj in period of time...for everything has limits...
even standing to pain...