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This blog is dedicated to Mrinalini Eroolen - An Author, Energy Healer and Spiritual Guide.. She is a realized soul enlightened on 17 March 2010. According to her, enlightenment is only the first realization on the path to pure consciousness. She is actually living in the state of pure consciousness. She had meditated for more than 10 years intensively through meditation techniques which suited her. She had many experiences through various states of consciousness and also many realizations. For her, a realization is like a drop of water. Her first realization was when she felt her mind blank totally without any thought and since then she has been living in that state only. Second realization happened when all her emotions too disappeared. In this state, she is living without thoughts and emotions. Everything that is coming is like a flow. This does not mean that she remains in that state inactive rather she does all her routine jobs such as household duties, looking after her husband and children, authoring books, giving meditation courses, being a regular online writer, healing people, cleansing auras, gardening and that also while being with her pure awareness state permanently.

Mrinalini Eroolen lives in Mauritius and had been to India and UK to spread her message in the past. She is, in fact, living a very simple life same as other people on the outer level but as in the inner level is concerned, it is a permanent awareness filled with bliss and cosmic Energy. She is overflowed with cosmic energy and the intensity of this energy goes on increasing every moment. At first it was difficult to live with this intensity of energy permanently but later it has settled well in the physical body and now it is not a problem at all. She normally feels cosmic energy more than her physical body. She gives meditation courses online and also helps in the cleansing of auras and healing.

She has authored two books. Whatever she writes is to help humanity in their inner transformation. Her first book "Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS" is a flow of wisdom which comes directly from pure consciousness state. It relates many personal experiences and meditation techniques which are more easier to go deep within oneself. It helps one to live in the present moment and being thyself. You will know more about cosmic energy, karma, concepts, realities in life, motherhood, thoughts, emotions and so on. You will certainly be transformed with these meditation techniques.

Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Bahadoor Printing; 1 edition (February 19, 2014)

Her second book "All About LIFE: An Inner Journey To Live A Better Life" is a flow which is full of positive vibes and comes to you as guidance and blessings. There are many problems in life that people do not know what actions to take and sometimes they take the wrong decision of either killing themselves or others. This is due to unawareness on their part and they are ruined by their own negative thoughts. In this book, you will find solutions to all the problems in life which will be of great help to everyone. Life is beautiful and full of experiences. The most important thing here is how you deal with these experiences. This is what you are going to learn about in this book.

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (March 2, 2014)

In brief, Mrinalini Eroolen is a wonderful human being and a great spiritual healer. Her spiritual blogs at are quite inspiring and elevate the human spirit towards their journey to enlightenment.

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