Motivation of Consciousness--Oxymoron?

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If Oneness wants to recognize itself, why does it disguise itself so effectively? When my mind takes over, I wonder how I can know I am One with everything yet not be able to apply that to Everyone. I don't like people because they are so stupid that companies have gotten rich from marketing devices that AUTO-SPELL for them when they try to peck out a blog. That's my ego talking. Perhaps I'm afraid to lose myself if I awaken, or unable to process the huge influx of energy I've recently been zapped with. Just some random thoughts.

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Good questions

Oneness is not two things that are one, that is still duality, because this oneness is still defined based on the two things, duality is still there.

True notion of oneness, one that is not defined based on duality, cannot be grasped by the mind. The mind by its nature, is dual.

Therefore, if there is something that wants to recognize itself, it is not oneness. If there is such, it is something between oneness and the mind, something that is the bridge between the realm of oneness in which there are no objects and the realm of duality in which there are only objects. You can call this thing consciousness.

Therefore, conciseness maybe wants to recognize itself. But it is only consciousness, it is not oneness, it is not God, it has a limited capacity. As does in this specific struggle, its opposing entity, the mind.

And so this consciousness tries to recognize itself outwardly in the outside, in the external objects using the mind instead of fighting it. But this recognition is inward, only when this consciousness goes inwardly, disconnects from the mind and searches inside, it finds itself and it finds out that actually all external objects and the mind itself are actually a reflection of this inside, including stupid people, and the companies that have gotten rich, and the influx of energy, and even the random thoughts.

Tania | Sun, 05/26/2013 - 06:24
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Thank you. I have recently

Thank you. I have recently experienced the Oneness you speak of, and while I know It isn't something that can be lost, my intellect tries to take over quickly. I am willing to surrender to this process, and I appreciate the fullness and brilliance of your response. It made sense to me on many levels.

KikiVal | Sun, 05/26/2013 - 16:43
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The oneness of God is referred to in the Old Testament , and Jesus also reminds his followers of the importance of believing in only one God. The oneness of God is a central Christian belief as it reflects the oneness of the universe God created. Christians believe the universe follows one set of laws.

Kavita Mannan | Thu, 10/01/2020 - 04:02