A Mother's Day Message

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Since Mother’s Day is at hand I thought that a bit of information from The Council about mothers and the feminine aspect would be appropriate.

The Council: The masculine is the godly thought; the feminine is the godly producer of that thought, the godly manifestor of that thought.

Questioner: That would also then tie in with what you said in the past that the mother is the highest example of spirituality that we have?

The Council: Yes. Because that is the one that does the producing, that is the maker, that is the developer, that is the child-bearer, that is the fertile ground, in which the seed is planted. Without mothers who love properly you would now all be living in a very black hole. It is only the feminine aspect that is keeping spirituality alive now. The relatively few male aspects that are spiritual are absolutely insignificant to the feminine aspects who are spiritual.

Many blessings to all mothers on her special day.

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Thank you dear friend for blessings to mothers on mother's day.

Masculine is the wisdom and creation is Feminine!!!
You are very much right.

bonya basu | Thu, 05/05/2011 - 18:15