the most true spiritual path for you!!

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peoples today are more attracted towards the want there life to be more meaningful..purposeful..and successful
there are many paths showed to us by timely spiritual personalities..
but to be spritual in my openion is not in our hands truely..
some ppls are not able to trace the origion of there inclination towards perticular aim in there life..may this b earning fame..earning for devotion,spirituality ..earning for music etc..
these are again decidd by the souls PRARABDHA or past life earnings..
swami vivekananda had an unquenchable thurst for meditation and reality..ramkrisna paramhansa is once said to have remarked over him that he used to be a sage in past life meditating under the himalayas as he was none but a DHYANSIDDHA..similarly our attitude has also been alrady shaped in our privious lives..
some of u may be more attracted towards meditation..some find passiuon in devotion..some for spiritual guides and assistance..some for gurus..etc
the easiest and accurate way to manifest ur inclination is to rely on ur subconcious for that..and that is the most ACCURATE AND THE MOST EASIEST PATH FOR U TO BECOME ENLIGHTENED..
dontever liusten to others for deciding ur path ..becoz his can be misleading...

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Everybody is different and

Everybody is different and unique(as ingredients are same but compositions are different) so the way is also different.
Which i did not realize in my initial stage.While choosing my advancement i realize my actual path.
I like the post.

bonya basu | Fri, 10/01/2010 - 19:29